I never told anyone this

I never told anyone this.

As you know, I share with my Facebook fans just about everything. I’m not embarrassed or ashamed anymore. I’ve openly confessed to waking up late at night and eating anything I could get my hands on. When I say ANYTHING, I mean like entire jars of peanut butter and sugar by the spoonful. I was keeping that to myself though. I wouldn’t even tell my husband. I knew I had a problem. I would become depressed when I couldn’t have a cheat meal that I was dying for. Or I would binge and feel incredibly terrible about myself. When I was at my heaviest, I thought I was at my lowest low. But after a binge, I was at an even lower low.

I’ve overcome those issues and I can now talk about them without becoming embarrassed. But there is one thing from the past that has always stuck with me. It absolutely mortified me and I didn’t want to believe it. I’ve been embarrassed numerous times but this one takes the cake. And to this day, it still hurts.

I was at work as a cashier while in college. We were busy and there were people all around. I’m not sure why she did it but one of the other cashiers turned to me and asked if I was pregnant. I wasn’t. I was just fat. Did I mention that it was busy and customers were in every lane? I didn’t even know what to say. I wanted to cry. And I believe I did later in the bathroom.

The scary thing was I didn’t even know I had gotten heavy at this point. It’s like I couldn’t even see it in the mirror. I thought I was the same high school weight I once was. How could I not see it?? It was like I was blind to it. Now I understand how people can “let themselves go” without noticing. All I kept thinking was what other people thought of me. Did everyone think I was pregnant?

This actually wasn’t the moment I decided to make a lifestyle change but it helped lead up to it. I actually hid my realization and chose not to believe it. Even though it hurt my feelings and I found it extremely rude of her to ask me that in public, I’m kind of glad she did. What if everyone around me saw me growing bigger and bigger and never said anything? I would probably never take control over my weight. It’s been a tough journey and still is but I’m so much better off now. Trust me, living a healthy lifestyle is one change you will want to make in your life.

I urge you to take the time to share your personal story. It doesn’t have to be to the whole world. Sharing with just one person can inspire them to make a change in their lives as you have in yours. So.. Are you ready to change some lives?


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