The November Give Thanks Challenge

Are you ready for November? If not, you better get ready because it’s already here! I’ve been saying it all year but seriously, why is time flying by so fast? Anyway, we’re gonna to do something different for our monthly challenge this month. We usually do a health and fitness challenge but since it’s the month of being thankful, we’re going to focus and SHARE all that we’re grateful for.

And you know what? Doing this challenge will actually help you reach those fitness goals anyway.

Once you start showing gratitude for the things you already have in life, you’ll start RECEIVING more good things.

So instead of complaining that you have a difficult workout to do first thing in the morning, be thankful that you can actually do the workout. Instead of complaining about not being able to eat junk on your diet, be thankful that you can afford to enjoy healthy meals.

Thinking this way will change every single aspect of your life. Although we should be doing this every day regardless of the month, November is the perfect time to get into the habit of doing it daily.

So who’s up for the challenge? Here’s how it works.. Simply post on your Facebook page one thing you’re grateful for every single day in November and be sure to tag me in your post! (Like my Facebook page HERE). And also check out my page because I’ll be doing the challenge right along with you 🙂


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