5 Benefits of accountability groups


When I first started my fitness journey (if you haven’t already heard my story, I started out by doing Zumba dancing in my living room and moved onto various Beachbody programs), I was all about doing it on my own. I didn’t need anyone to motivate me! It’s true, I was highly driven from the start and pressed play on my exercise DVDs daily NO MATTER WHAT. But I had a ton of questions along the way and ended up learning things the hard way. Like how you can’t eat an entire pizza just because you did a killer workout and expect to lose weight. Being the stubborn person I am, I went along with my weight loss journey completely on my own for several years. But I don’t recommend it. Here are 5 benefits of accountability groups and why you need that support to reach your goals.

Consistency = Success

Doing something every single day consistently over time has PROVEN results. Exercising daily is possible on your own but it helps to “check in”. That’s where accountability groups come in. I host all of my fitness accountability groups on Facebook because the sad truth is we all log in every day, multiple times a day no matter what. It’s a no-brainer. All it takes is popping into the group to say “I just did my PiYo Sculpt workout today!” or “Got my Shakeology in this morning on the way to work!”. That simple task is sure to keep you on track even if you don’t participate in the group otherwise.

None of us like to be alone

TRUTH: I don’t always like to be around other people. I actually just started running with a friend but before that I would never dream of exercising in front of anyone else not even my hubby. Even if you dislike people, you still need someone in your life. I was just reading that there’s something in all of us that actually NEEDS love. You may think you have it all figured out and can tackle this huge goal on your own but at the end of the day, it just feels good to have at least one like-minded person to share with and to encourage you. We all need that kind of interaction. Although I don’t like seeing others struggle, it’s nice knowing that there’s other people going through the same difficulties that I’m facing as well.

Mixing up your routine helps with weight loss

Ever hit a weight loss plateau? It’s the most frustrating thing in the world, right? The best way to overcome this is to switch up your diet and/or exercise. And the best way to get new inspiration is… through other people! With an accountability group, you can see different programs others are trying and you may just discover something new to fall in love with. I think I did Zumba for 2 years straight. I didn’t know anything else existed! But Beachbody programs have opened my eyes to a whole other world of fitness.

Knowledge is powerful

I can seriously learn more through my social network friends than any text book or documentary. That’s because I’m learning from real people with real life situations. These people have BEEN through it!  And if you’re asking yourself a particular question, chances are you have a friend who already looked into it and has an answer. Ask around, you’d be surprised the insight you can receive from people just like you. And remember that there are no stupid questions so don’t be afraid to ask! Does anyone else fart while doing yoga? The answer is yes, in fact many people do. You are not alone. 🙂

Helping others also helps you

I once read that the best way to learn is by teaching. I find that to be true. You may join an accountability group for your own betterment. You finally want to get real about your weight loss and expect others in the group to give you tips and pointers. I think you’ll surprise yourself though. Before you know it, you’ll be the one helping others. That’s the MAGIC of these groups. We’re all in it together. There’s no one person who has their shit together. We all struggle and we’re all there to lift each other back up. Trust me, there’s no greater feeling than to be able to HELP someone else. Just showing a little encouragement to a fellow fit friend can propel you in your own journey. Doing good for others does good for you.

Accountability groups bring a sense of community like no other. I spent most of my life as somewhat of an outcast. I would much rather be on my own and there’s really nothing wrong with that. But when you finally can open up to a group of people it really changes your life. I joined the Beachbody community, started going to coaching events with a TON of people (I even worked out with a whole group of them!), got a running buddy, started meeting up with girls in my area for paint night or movie night, joined a kickball team, and started a successful online accountability group. I feel like a different person! Getting out and interacting with new people even if it’s just online has completely changed my attitude. I’m happier, more positive, and CONFIDENT. You become comfortable around people and start being yourself in front of them. It’s really a cool experience and I’m not just saying that because I want you to join my next Facebook group!

Alright so I do want you to join my upcoming fitness challenge group because I know how much it can benefit you. I know you want to finally reach those weight loss goals and this is the way to do it! I can set you up with a fitness program that you will LOVE based on your personal goals. BONUS: You can do it all right at home! You’ll also be placed in a Facebook accountability group with people working on their weight loss goals just like you. All I ask is that you check in DAILY and follow your programs schedule. Simple as that

If you’d like to learn more, COMMENT below for your free consultation and we’ll pick out your dream workout together. Remember, you are NOT alone.


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