The PERFECT Workout for a Newbie


Let’s be real, fitness gets a bad rap. Most people dread the thought of anything exercise related whether it be hitting the gym or yoga in the living room. I was the same exact way. Trust me I know all the various excuses that you can possibly come up with and I can relate. It’s really hard to get moving when you aren’t used to doing it. And if you’re heavier, it seems impossible to do those moves. You feel like a failure when you can’t keep up. Huffing and puffing with sweat pouring from your apple red face is not a good look for you. You’re tired, frustrated, and want to give up. You think that this whole exercise thing just isn’t cut out for you. Maybe other people can do it but it’s simply impossible for you to. You just have to get used to avoiding pictures and mirrors. You will never be happy so you should just give up on it now before you give it any more of your effort.

WOW, that escalated quickly! But that’s exactly what gets into your head when you try to make a healthy change in your life. Or at least that’s what went through my mind. You get pumped to try something new and actually start losing weight. You think this time will be different. This time you’ll actually DO IT! But after the first workout you realize how much you hate exercising. You dread the second and third days. After a week or so is when you think you’re not cut out for this type of lifestyle. The depressing thoughts sink in and you give up.

But you don’t have to give up! I felt the same exact way and I bet you would of never guessed that with my obsession with workouts now. I love em! But I didn’t start out that way. When I first decided to lose weight, I bought a Kinect for my Xbox (similar to Wii). Some of the games were fun and worked up a sweat but got old fast. Then I bought a fitness game filled with jumping jacks, squats, and lunges. Can you say BORING!! My hubby tried to get me in the gym and I was just not feeling it. I felt like I didn’t belong there and never stepped foot in one again. I hated the thought of running. Swimming is not up my alley either. Forget about weight lifting! I didn’t want to bulk up like a man!! Although, I now realize that wouldn’t happen. I was about to give up when I discovered a different way to work out that has changed my life forever. I lost a TON of weight and I was having fun!

One day I discovered the Zumba dance game for my Xbox Kinect. I had heard of Zumba before. In fact, my aunt lost a bunch of weight doing it. But I was terrified to join a class and sweat in front of people (I’m slowly getting over that fear) and I thought I wouldn’t be able to do the moves. I don’t know what made me pick up the game but I popped it in one day to give it a try. I had a BLAST, was soaked in sweat, and burned 1,000 calories! I was hooked. I ended up doing Zumba for about three years. I did it just about every day for an hour after work. I still love doing it.

It WORKED for me because I was tricking myself into working out. It didn’t feel like work at all! I was just having fun. After seeing my killer results from Zumba, I wanted to explore other areas of fitness so I started the Beachbody programs. I’m now constantly adding more and more to my routine. I love lifting weights, I love cardio, I love yoga, and I even love burpees. It makes me feel ALIVE!

Maybe Zumba isn’t for you. But I am convinced that the SECRET to finding a fitness program that you can stick to lies in what you enjoy. It’s not always easy to find that ideal workout but once you find it, you will become a machine. Think outside the box. Dancing in my living room was my thing but maybe you’d prefer team sports. Try out kickboxing or join a softball team. I actually joined a kickball team and believe it or not, I was incredibly sore after our last game. I work out hard every single day but one hour of kickball really did me in. I didn’t feel like I was working out at all though!

If you’re a newbie looking for the perfect fitness program, you have to start with something you really like to do. That will keep you coming back for more. After awhile you might feel motivated to try other things. Find your perfect workout by asking yourself these questions and don’t be afraid to experiment with different things.

You CAN do this! The reasons why you tell yourself you can’t are just excuses. I know you can do it!! Believe in yourself and don’t let that doubt ever creep back into your life.


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