Christmas Gifts that Change Lives

Christmas Gifts that Change Lives

Random thought… What if instead of filling our Christmas wish list up with a bunch of “stuff” we think we can’t live without but really don’t need, we wished to better our lives?

How is a bigger TV or new tablet really going to make you happy? These things bring short term happiness which is an incredible feeling for the giver. There’s nothing better than seeing your loved ones face light up Christmas morning because you found the absolute perfect gift for them. It’s fun to give.

But it’s not a permanent fix. So many unhappy people believe that they can buy happiness. They move, buy a new car, and fill their house with beautiful things. But that doesn’t fix what’s going on on the inside. Sometimes the person with close to nothing is happiest of all.

If you were to make a wish list of what you really want out of life, what would it look like? Would you further your education? Start your own business? Lose weight? Doing things to better yourself bring fulfillment which, in my opinion is the definition of success and happiness.

If you’re wanting to help someone reach their goals this Christmas, it’s time to ditch the [insert hottest gift of 2015 here] and get them a gift that can actually get them started on changing their life. Initially, it may not be the most exciting gift but it will definitely mean more to them in the long run. Here are some ideas…

My hubby is in the beginning of his schooling as a doctor. Even though he’s only taking the basic college courses right now, he loves to get ahead and fill his brain with doctor knowledge. Medical books and flashcards would be a great gift for him. It would encourage him to keep going on his journey.

Books are always a great self improvement gift. If someone really doesn’t know what they want out of life, there are tons of personal development books that can help them grow and figure it out.

As far as weight loss goals go, it can be a sticky situation. You don’t want to get a fitness related gift and have the recipient take it the wrong way as if you’re telling them they need to work out. Only do so if they mention it often or you have a close relationship with them. I actually have a fitness program and weight set on my wish list but there’s no surprise there 🙂

Before purchasing a fitness related gift, understand that person’s goals and what they enjoy. There are so many different options out there. A gym membership isn’t ideal for someone who has no clue where to begin unless a personal trainer is included. I recommend going with a Beachbody program and I’m not just saying that because I also sell them. They just make everything super simple for the beginner. Many of the programs have shorter 30 minute workouts, little to no equipment needed, all can be done in your living room, and a full workout calendar and nutrition guide comes with every program. It takes all the guesswork out which is perfect for a newbie.

I could go on all day about fitness gifts but they don’t suite everyone. It’s time to really think about the recipient. Isn’t that the point of giving anyway? Too often do we pick up gift cards because we don’t have the time or energy to get to know them better and consider what they really want.

This year let’s choose gifts with more meaning. Let’s change some lives! Tell me, what the best gift you have ever received? What’s the best one you have ever given? COMMENT below 🙂


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