4 simple steps to reach your new year fitness goals


So maybe you’ve already set your New Year resolution to get fit and finally lose that extra weight. That’s excellent! You’ve done the most difficult part, making the decision to get started. But now what? Next up is creating a PLAN to make it happen. You’ll have to choose a program you can stick with, define your goals, make a commitment, and keep yourself accountable. Here are 4 simple steps to actually reaching those fitness goals this year.

  1. Discover what you enjoy doing

Fitness is a personal thing. Not everyone is the same so why get a gym membership and do what everyone else is doing? If you’re not in love with your fitness plan, you won’t be motivated to do it for the long haul. Find out what you enjoy doing by asking yourself the following 4 questions:

  • What types of workouts have you done in the past?
  • What did you like about them?
  • What didn’t you like?
  • What types of sports did you enjoy doing?

2. Define your goal

Your goal shouldn’t be to “lose some weight”. How much do you want to lose? Where do you want to lose it? Where’s your problem area? Are you looking to tone up? Build muscle? Finally get your nutrition in line? Build your endurance? Maintain your current weight? Be specific about your goals! Also think about WHY you want to do this. Health reasons? To be able to run around and play with your kids? To finally feel confident? You have to have an emotional connection to your why. This is what drives you to continue when you feel like giving up.

3. Commit to a program

The key word here is COMMIT. You can join a gym or sign up for some group fitness classes but you must make a plan to do these things consistently. Get out a calendar and create a workout schedule for yourself. If you don’t think you’re able to stick with it, think about making the investment in a Beachbody program. I say this because each program includes a complete workout schedule. Everything is planned out for you so all you have to do is press play. They also come with a nutrition guide that’s super easy to follow. I’d be more than happy to help you through this process. You can sign up for free to assign me as your coach here.

Before you commit to a program, I recommend trying out some YouTube videos for free to find out what type of exercise you like. Try out dance videos, martial arts, weight lifting, yoga, cardio, and anything else that interests you.

4. Join an accountability group

If you choose the Beachbody route and get a new fitness program, I highly suggest you join a Facebook accountability group. Here’s why…

  • Check in daily to ensure you don’t get off track
  • Connect with others just like you starting their fitness journey
  • Ask questions as you go
  • Daily encouragement to keep you going
  • A fitness coach to guide you throughout your whole journey
  • Daily tips, motivation, and recipes
  • Groups are 21 days long, the ideal amount of time to form healthy habits.

When should you get started?

RIGHT NOW! It’s the beginning of a New Year and you’re most likely motivated to get started on those fitness goals. My husband and I are doing the same exact thing. We’re starting a new fitness program next Monday (Jan 11th). And guess what? We want YOU to join us! We’re opening up an accountability group and looking for 5 people serious about their fitness goals this year. It’s the perfect opportunity to get started NOW. Leave a comment below and we’ll get you all set up in the group with a brand new fitness program. We look forward to getting fit with you!



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