What does a Beachbody coach do?

What does a Beachbody coach do_

When I tell people that I’m building my business as a Beachbody coach, they’re often a little confused as to what exactly I do. I had no idea what a coach did at first either. In fact, I didn’t even think I was qualified to become a coach! If you’re unfamiliar, Beachbody is a line of fitness programs 100% on DVD. Typically you think of a coach, especially a fitness coach, as someone who helps you one on one in person. Like a personal trainer sort of thing. So if they’re not personal trainers or instructors, what exactly does a Beachbody coach do? Let me explain.

Beachbody coaching in a nutshell

We MOTIVATE! The hardest part of a weight loss journey is starting it. As coaches, we share our personal weight loss story as well as others. We show people that it’s very possible for them to achieve their goals and we can help them get there. We act as consultants at first to find the perfect program based on the individual’s goals. Once they make that difficult decision to get started, the next struggle they’ll be faced with is sticking to it for the long haul. The absolute best (and proven) way to do so is through an accountability partner. A Beachbody coach sets up monthly “challenges” through Facebook groups. These typically run for 21 days with tasks each day. This means participants MUST check in daily which keeps them on track. They are able to ask any questions aout the program or nutrition plan, meet others going through the struggle with them, and feel connected within a community. But it doesn’t stop there! A Beachbody coach is with you throughout the entire journey, not just the duration of the challenge. You’ll most likely form a stronger bond with your coach and become close friends.

Signing up to coach

After reading the description above, you probably have one of two things running through your head. Maybe it’s totally for you and you want to get started right away. OR it could terrify you to the core. No matter what you’re feeling, there’s an option for you. Of course you can always purchase programs without becoming a coach. However, the coach discount is pretty sweet and definitely worth checking out. You receive a 25% discounts on all products and programs. This ends up saving you over $200/yr on Shakeology. Whether you sign up as a discount coach or are serious about starting your own business to help others, you have two options when signing up:

You can start up for just $39.95 and then you pay $15.95/month as a website fee (you get 3 websites for that)

OR you can purchase a challenge pack which includes a workout, Shakeology, and a 30 day club membership which includes Beachbody on Demand – Beachbody’s streaming service (similar to Netflix) to have the $39.95 fee is waived. This ends up being the best deal!

What next?

Starting your own business is a very scary thing. I think I nearly pooped myself when it hit me. I own my own business! It’s still so surreal. Luckily there are a TON of coaches who already been there and done that to guide us along. There are an endless number of resources and training to help you get your business up and running. We’re in the business of helping others and that’s exactly what you’ll experience with fellow coaches. They’re all there to answer any questions you may have and help you out even if you aren’t on their team.

Can you really make a decent income as a Beachbody coach?

One objection to Beachbody coaching is that you can’t make a decent amount of money. Or that since there’s so many coaches out there, there will be little business for you. HA, yeah right! Trust me, there are plenty of lives for you to change out there. But I totally get it because I felt the same way after hearing about the opportunity. The number one thing that got me 100% on board with coaching was hearing other coaches share their success stories. Here’s one that really hit me. Thanks Scottie Hobbs!


I can’t tell you how rewarding coaching has been for me so far. I’ve only been a coach for 9 months and was able to buy all my Christmas gifts this past year on my coaching income alone. That’s HUGE considering I’m still a newbie! My goal for this year is to go part time at my current full time job. That means I’ll have to match my full time income as a coach! Working from home, setting my own hours, vacationing when I want, and just having that freedom has always been a dream of mine and I am so ready to make it happen. And you can too!



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