Top 7 must have gear for working out at home

Top 7 must have gear for working out at home

So many people miss out on the opportunity to work out at home thinking they don’t have the money or space for the necessary equipment. You would be surprised to know that you don’t need any equipment at all to get in killer shape. You can use your body to sculpt your body. Seriously! It doesn’t get much simpler than that. However, if you want a little more variety there are a few things you may want to get. Here are the 7 must have gear for working out at home.

Mat (if you don’t have carpet): I have carpet and never have an issue with sliding around but if you have hardwood or tile flooring, you’ll definitely want to invest in a Yoga mat. You don’t necessarily need to be doing Yoga to benefit from the mat. Many workouts have you stretch and do other moves on the floor. It really doesn’t hurt to have one!

Resistance bands (with door jamb): To be completely honest, pull up bars that hang from the door frame kind of scare me! I’m sure as long as you set them up correctly, they’re perfectly safe but I recommend going with resistance bands instead. You’ll need the door jamb to hang the bands from the door to be used for pull ups. You can also use the bands instead of dumbbells which really comes in handy. Various size dumbbells take up so much room plus it’s super easy to adjust the weight of the bands. Oh and you can travel with them so no excuses to skip out on your workouts when away πŸ™‚

Dumbbells: Although you can do a lot with the resistance bands, it is nice to have at least one set of dumbbells laying around. I have found a few parts of my workouts that were difficult to use the bands for so I grabbed my dumbbells instead. Even something light (5 lb) would be great but if you prefer using dumbbells to the resistance bands, I recommend spending the extra money and getting adjustable dumbbells. It saves a ton of room in your house and you can move up the weight as you improve without having to run out and buy another set. I believe you would save money going this route anyway. Shop around for them and be sure to try Craigslist to get the best deal.

Muscle roller: This is something new to me but is on my Amazon wish list. My friend actually recommended a muscle roller to me the other day and since I’ve been super sore after my workouts, I’m thinking it may be a good idea. It releases the tension and tightness in the muscles after a workout.

Water bottle: When working out from home, it’s easy to grab a glass from your kitchen and keep it on the table or floor near where you’re working out. However, I recommend that you still use a water bottle. You may not have the same issue as I do with my cat drinking out of open glasses of water but when you’re moving around a lot, it’s easy to knock that glass over. With a water bottle, you can easily grab it when needed during a workout.

Stability ball: I actually don’t have one of these…Yet! I love working my core and these are killer for that. There are so many moves you can do with them. The only potential issue I see is the space they take up. I’m in a small apartment right now and am pretty limited!

DVDs: I’ve done it all. I’ve done mini workouts from my magazines or online, challenges (plank challenge, squat challenge, etc.), YouTube videos, my own made up thing, and full fitness programs on DVD. The thing that has worked best for me is the DVD workouts. They’re all planned out for you with a complete schedule so you don’t have to think twice about what to work on each day. YouTube videos are great for mixing it up but you’ll have to create your own schedule with them. The DVDs just take all of that guesswork out for you plus there are so many different type of programs that you’re bound to find the perfect one for you (just ask me for help choosing one!).

There are two types of fit people in the world: Those who work out at home and those who go to the gym. I started my weight loss journey by working out in my living room. I was super embarrassed to work out in front of other people. Plus I had no clue what I was doing in the gym! It stuck with me and I continued to do all my workouts at home on DVD. I get them in first thing in the morning (even on Saturday) before I do ANYTHING else. But I know some people just can’t get motivated at home and I totally get that. You have to figure out what works best for YOU. If you’re just starting out, try some at home workouts and see how you like it. If it’s not for you, join a friend as a guest at their gym (so you don’t have to pay for a membership) and see if that works out better for you. If you choose to work out at home, remember that you don’t need to run out and buy any fancy and expensive equipment. You don’t even necessarily need anything on this list! Just stick to the basics.

COMMENT below and lot me know if you’re a gym person or prefer to work out at home. πŸ™‚


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