7 Tricks for cleaning the kitchen as you cook

7 Tricks for cleaning the kitchen as you cook

I’m starting this blog by saying Justin (my hubby), I love you! You know that right? Justin is an incredible cook but always leaves a mess for me to clean up after we’re done with dinner. I’m not complaining but the other night as I was cooking, I noticed how I straighten up as I cook. It’s so simple to do that I don’t even realize I’m doing it. In fact, I’ll not only clean up as I go but I’ll also make my lunch for the next day and respond to my Facebook messages. For those like my hubby, take note! Here are my top 7 tricks for cleaning the kitchen while you cook to save you time and your significant other a headache.

Keep a trash can close by

My trashcan is somewhat in my kitchen. It’s kind of around the corner though so I like to drag it in and put it right next to where I’m working. It’s so much easier to throw all the trash right in there without having to walk back and forth or leaving it out on the counter where it gets in the way.

Also have a sponge and paper towels handy

Get at that spill right away! A sponge or paper towels are a must to have close by.

Use as little dishes as possible

You don’t need a million different spoons and measuring cups out at once. As long as they aren’t touching meat, re-use these things. Just rinse them off and use them again. I figure if it’s all going in the same dish, why not? Also make sure you’re placing your used spoons on a paper towel when not in use so you don’t dirty up your counter.

Load up the dishwasher as you go

There’s no reason to throw dirty dishes in the sink when you could just throw everything right in the dishwasher. Just saves you an extra step so you don’t have to do it later. For pots and pans, try to clean those while you’re wait for something else to cook. Or at least get them soaking in warm soapy water.

Plan ahead of time

Know in advance how long your meal will take to cook and what it entails. Plan accordingly and give yourself plenty of time so you aren’t rushing around. I love casseroles because I can just throw them in the oven for half an hour. That gives me plenty of time to clean up and get anything else done that I need to. Also, prep ahead of time. Chopping up your veggies on the weekend not only saves you time during the week but it also cuts down on your cleanup. No need to whip out the cutting board and knives each night!

Have a place for everything and put it back where it belongs!

 When everything has a designated place, it’s super easy to put it back where it belongs after using it. Also, make sure your kitchen cabinets are organized. This is my downfall. Open one of my cabinets and a bunch of pots and pans will fall out on you. No lie! I just don’t have room for all my fun kitchen gadgets. But keeping it organized will make cleanup much easier.

It doesn’t hurt to have a dog…

If I drop something on the floor, I just call my dog (sometimes cat) over to clean it up 🙂

I always say the time you spend in the kitchen shouldn’t be stressful. It’s actually my favorite room in the house but that’s probably no surprise. When I’m cooking dinner I can clear my mind and focus on something other than work. I also like to get creative in the kitchen and come up with my own recipes. You may be different but to me a mess = stress. It’s so easy to follow these 7 tricks to clean up the kitchen as you cook and it saves a lot of time after dinner when all you want to do is chill out.

Tell me, what’s your secret to keeping the kitchen clean as you cook dinner?



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