My wake-up call.. You need to start doing this ASAP!

I’m about to ask you some very serious questions and I want you to take them seriously. How much do you love yourself? How much do you VALUE yourself? How much do you care about your well-being? I honestly thought I was taking amazing care of myself. But I’ve realized that it goes beyond fitness and nutrition. Here’s my wake-up call and what you need to start doing ASAP!

So I posted this photo on Facebook saying “I can work out and eat healthy all day but I’m realizing there’s more to taking care of yourself than just that. Is it sad that my new “toy” is a toothbrush?? I’m really moving up in the world 😀 Tell me, do you use an electric toothbrush or manual?”


I was kinda embarrassed by my old raggedy toothbrush but even more embarrassed by the amount of tarter on my teeth. Don’t worry, I’m not totally gross. I DO brush my teeth on a daily basis! Apparently some people have more minerals in their saliva which causes the tarter to build up a lot quicker. Guess I’m one of those people. Anyway, when I made an important investment with my electric toothbrush I was excited. I realized that there’s more to taking care of yourself than just nutrition and fitness.

I thought I was the healthiest person in the world because of my dedication to my workout programs. Ok, maybe not the healthiest but I was in pretty good shape! But there’s so much more you have to worry about. This last dentist’s trip has opened my eyes to that. I know I have to start taking better care of my teeth and everything else! I can’t tell you the last time I went to the doctor for a check up. And I know I have some nasty allergies and to what, I have no idea. I now have a running list of all the appointments I have to make..


Your health is important. All of it! I feel like many of us neglect to actually take care of ourselves. It’s time to start putting ourselves first. It may sound selfish but you have to be healthy in order to help others. You have to be HAPPY in order to spread joy to others. My teeth may not effect my business directly but what does it say about me if I totally didn’t care about my teeth rotting out? It says I don’t care about myself.

It’s not all about the latest video games or the big screen TV you have. Take that money and spend it on YOU. Like to improve your health and happiness, not just “things” to show off. That toothbrush cost me $85. I could of bought more exciting things with that money. But I didn’t. Because I matter. And so do you! Start putting yourself first. There’s no price tag on your health and happiness. A gym membership or fitness program may sound expensive now but picture how you’ll feel when you’re able to run around with your kids or dog. How will you feel with increased energy and a positive outlook on life? You just can’t put a price on that.

Here’s your challenge. Do something for yourself this year. It can be one thing or several. IMPROVE your life in some kind of way. It can be treating yourself to a new wardrobe filled with clothes that make you feel confident. It could be a motivational conference that will push you toward your goals. Or it could be as simple as a new toothbrush. COMMENT below and let me know what you will be doing for YOU this year!

Oh and apparently I’m not the only one who gets excited over new toothbrushes. I have some really amazing friends 🙂


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