10 Simple strategies for a better day that can change your entire life

10 Strategies for a better day that can change your entire life

Ever have one of those days/weeks/months where you just feel like you’re in a funk? You roll out of bed like a zombie to go to the same ol job doing the same old things until 5:00 when you drive through 30 minutes of traffic when it should only take 5 to get home (I’m writing this based on personal traffic issues), take off your shoes and sit in front of the TV until it’s time to hit the hay and start the cycle all over again the next day. You’re going through the motions but not actually getting anything accomplished. You feel unfulfilled and unhappy. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all felt like that at some point in our lives. But living a better life is as easy as making some different choices. And it all starts with YOU. Read on for 10 simple strategies for a better day that can change your entire life.

  1. Wake up earlier

I know, I know, you’re not a morning person and you need every bit of sleep you can get, right? But hear me out. I was the same way. I used to roll out of bed leaving myself only 20 minutes to get ready in the morning. Then I started working out in the morning so I left myself enough time to get my workout in, jump in the shower real quick, and rush to work. Now I find peace in waking up even earlier to enjoy my mornings and take my time before heading into the office. It was a gradual thing but now I’m able to wake up around 4:30 AM and I love it. You may think you have nothing to do that early in the morning but it’s all about focusing on YOU! Trust me, you can quickly come up with a list of things to put on your morning routine. In fact, I can help you with that. Read on!

2. Get moving

I encourage you to do a workout in the morning. But you don’t have to. Even just taking a walk with the dog will get the blood flowing and wake you up a little. However, if you do more of an intense exercise you’ll get that workout “high” and just start the day on a happier more energized note. Don’t worry, there are many workouts that you can do right at home in just 30 minutes a day so you don’t have to hit the gym for hours on end. (Just ask me for some ideas!)

3. Make yourself breakfast

Breakfast may not be important in your life and that’s fine. But to all the breakfast addicts out there (me included), MAKE yourself breakfast every once in awhile. I mean instead of pouring cereal into a bowl, actually make something. Like bacon and eggs or pancakes. Treat yourself, you deserve it!

4. Enjoy your morning cup of coffee

Morning coffee is a must in most households but are you actually enjoying it or are you gulping it down as you’re getting ready for work? Take a moment to get comfy with your cup of Joe and do the rest of the things on this list..

5. Meditate

I don’t know about you but the first thing I think about in the morning is my long to-do list for both work and home. It’s overwhelming and no way to start the day! 5 minutes of meditation is all you need to clear your head and get in the right mindset. I like using Spotify and searching “meditation” to find a relaxing playlist.

6. Don’t check Facebook

I too can get really distracted by all the little red notifications that pop up on Facebook. You think it’ll only take 5 minutes to check them but before you know it, an hour will go by and you’ll be running late for work. If you have some extra time before heading to the office, check it but don’t do it when you’re having your “me” time. Remember, this is your time to focus on YOU! Plus most posts on Facebook are negative drama anyway and who needs that in their life??

7. Read something inspiring

It can be a personal development book or just a quick article. Just make sure it’s POSITIVE. So no Facebook or news articles! I like to spend about 15 minutes on this every single morning. Be sure that you’re in a quite environment with no distractions. And jot down notes as you come across things that really catch your attention!

8. Read over your to-do list

I like to have my to-do list already created before going to bed the night before so it’s all ready for me in the morning. If you rather create yours in the morning, use this time to do so while it’s still quiet and peaceful. I like to read over my to-do list as a reminder of how my day should go. Of course, things don’t always go according to plan but I like to have a rough idea of what to expect. I pick out the top 3 most important things on my list and mentally schedule when I’ll accomplish them. Don’t let looking at a long to-do list freak you out. Look forward to doing these things and think about how great it feels to check them off your list!

9. Be grateful

As I do all of these things, I’m cuddled up on the couch with my pup and kitty. I make sure to take 5 minutes and focus on all the amazing things I have in my life like them. It’s so easy to take the little things (like cuddling on the couch before anyone else wakes up) for granted. Instead of focusing on all the things you don’t have in your life, start being grateful for the things you do have. At this moment I always think “no matter what today brings, I’ll be coming home to my family at the end of the day”.

10. Do one thing you love

This last one is totally your call. You can watch a funny YouTube video, play a game on your phone, call a friend, write in your journal, listen to your favorite song, watch your favorite TV show, or anything that makes you smile. Basically, if nothing else on this list puts you in a better mood, this last thing is sure to do so!

QUESTION: Are any one of the things on this list difficult to achieve? Heck no! (well maybe the waking up early part but you’ll get used to that!) Anyway, they all totally revolve around YOU. So you focus on yourself AND end up having a better day. You really can’t go wrong. My challenge for you is to do these things every single morning for a full 21 days and then COMMENT below and let me know how you’re feeling after the 21 days are up 🙂


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