10 surprising benefits of exercise (not including weight loss)

10 surprising benefits of exercise (not including weight loss)

So the last few days I have been feeling INCREDIBLE after my morning workout. I mean, I normally do get that workout high but for some reason I have been seriously killing it. I’ve been noticing how exercise actually effects my day (and life). It’s not all about losing weight and getting healthy, although that is a huge part of it. Here are 10 other benefits of exercise I’ve noticed in my life.

1. I have increased energy: I love coffee but after a good workout I don’t need it in order to function. And I wake up EARLY!!

2. I have a positive outlook: Sometimes my workout is the hardest part of the day! I figure if I can through it, I can get through anything! This was particularly true when doing Max 30. πŸ˜€

3. I feel powerful: I seriously think I’m Superwoman at times! Haha

4. I feel accomplished: There’s no greater feeling of doing something you didn’t think you could do.

5. I feel healthy: Like instantly healthy… Like run to the mirror and try to find my abs healthy. I love that excited feeling!

6. It pushes me to do more: when I get that workout high all I want to do is MORE! I recently started signing up for various races that I probably would of never done before.

7. It makes me want to change other areas of my life: When you rather get in a brutal workout than head to the office for 8 hours, you know you need a new job. Getting my pump on in the morning makes me think, what if I didn’t have to go to work after this? What if this was my job??

8. It makes me want to motivate others: If I can roll outta bed at 5:00 AM and end up feeling amazing, I want to help others do the same!!

9. I sleep better: At the end of the day I just zonk out. I get the best sleep of my life when I’m on a steady workout routine.

10. My breakfast tastes way better: It’s my little (healthy) treat after working out. Some days the only thing that gets me through a workout is knowing I can eat breakfast after it πŸ™‚

I could go on and on but the point is, exercise has the power to change every single part of your life. You don’t have to be overweight to benefit from it. I can say from personal experience that it has driven me to do things I never thought in a million years I’d do. Things that once TERRIFIED me! Like working out in public or starting my own business! Who am I these days?? Sometimes I don’t know but one thing I do know is I’ve changed for the better. I have stronger relationships with everyone around me and I’m constantly growing. If you’re not sure if it’s for you, just give it 21 days of your life. Then leave a comment below and let me know what has changed for you πŸ˜€


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