9 Habits I picked up on the weekends for success


If there’s one thing I’ve learned since starting my own business is that your weekends are your most VALUABLE TIME of the week. And often we waste this time. I was always torn as to what to do with my time on the weekends. Should I be super productive? Focus on spending time with family? Totally chill out and relax? Sleep it away? I’ve come to realize that you need all of these things in order to have a successful week. Here are 9 habits I’ve picked up on the weekends for better work weeks.

1. I am most productive early Saturday morning.

I could sleep in on Saturday morning’s but I don’t. The reason? I like to stick to my schedule even on Saturday. I’m a morning person and get the most done in the am. I don’t want to waste those morning hours so I get up with my alarm and get to work. I make the most out of that focused time so I can relax for the rest of the day.

2. I watch my favorite TV show.

It’s not very productive but watching TV is the best way for me to stop thinking about all that is going on in life at that moment. My husband and I have our shows that we watch together and I have my shows that I watch when I just need to shut my brain off.

3. I sleep in on Sunday.

I know I just finished saying that I get the most done in the morning and I like sticking to my schedule and all that jazz but even I need a little extra rest every once in awhile. Sunday is my chill day. I still work out but I only do work that absolutely needs to be done. Sleeping in and cuddling with my hubby and puppy on Sunday morning is what I most look forward to on the weekends ❤

4. I plan out my week.

Every Saturday morning I sit down and look back on the week. I jot down what I did well, what I need to work on, goals for next week, and action steps to achieve those goals. I then put those action tasks in my planner. I just can’t function on a Monday not knowing what to expect for the week. It helps keep me aligned with my goals.

5. I shut down my phone.

All week I work, work, work. I run my business entirely on social media so by the time the weekend rolls around I just need a break from all technology. I take blocks of time on the weekends where I place my phone in an entirely different room with the volume off. I use this time to spend with my hubby, friends, or just to clear my mind in solitude. This allows me to really focus on the important relationships in my life.

6. I get comfy.

It’s rare that I get dressed up on the weekends unless I’m going out somewhere nice. I have all week to get pretty for work so on Saturday and Sunday it’s yoga pants, no make up, messy bun Nicky.

7. I run my errands.

I HATE having to rush around getting things done after work. So I make sure to get all the little things done on the weekend. I do the laundry, clean the house, grocery shop, pay bills, and meal prep on Saturday and Sunday.

8. I spend time with the people who matter most.

I make sure to spend time with my husband, friends, or family every single weekend. Sometimes I have to remind myself to get out of work mode and enjoy moments with them. That is so important ❤

9. I shift my focus.

I turn my weekday work mind completely off. I am productive on the weekends but I really like to focus on my well being and take quality time to relax and rest up.

The weekends really do fly by, don’t they?? Make the MOST of them by having a balance of productivity, family time, and time for yourself. Get the rest you need and do the things you truly love. If you feel like you’re totally wasting away your weekend time, start keeping a journal of all the things you do on the weekends and the time you spend doing them. This will open your eyes to where you’re wasting time and what you should be putting more time into.

Tell me, what’s ONE HABIT you do on the weekend for a better week?


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