How to eliminate cheese from your diet the easy way


DISCLAIMER: You do not have to eliminate cheese to maintain a healthy diet. I know a lot of cheese lovers that would be pretty upset reading this blog if they thought they had to do this.

I recently started the Paleo diet where i eliminated dairy from the foods i was eating. Before you questions, yes cheese and other dairy can actually be a healthy part of your diet. So why am I doing this?? The fact of the matter is I love cheese but cheese doesn’t love me. It makes me feel bloated and gross. While I’m not as big of a cheese fanatic as my hubby, it was still a struggle taking it out of my diet. Here’s how I did it the EASY way..

1. Start slow

You don’t have to do it all at once. I began asking myself, “Do I really need a slice of cheese on my burger?” The answer is no. Instead, I top my burgers with extra bacon. I really don’t miss the cheese at all. Doing small things like this should make a difference in how you feel of you have tummy issues like me.

2. Enjoy hard cheeses

It’s said that hard cheeses don’t cause the tummy issues that other cheeses cause. I haven’t experimented much in this area but if you MUST have some cheese, I would go this route. (And lemme know how it works for you!)

3. Pinterest new recipe ideas

Pinterest has been a total lifesaver when I just need to try some new recipes. All the recipes I had been making used cheese in some way! I headed over to Pinterest and became inspired by all the cheese free options out there.

4. Other dairy..

So it’s not just cheese that I’ve quit but all dairy. Although cheese was the most difficult to give up, I had to get creative in other areas as well. I replaced all milk and cream with almond milk. It’s actually really good! Butter is still ok, thank god!

5. Make meals for everyone

If I told my hubby he had to give up cheese he would divorce me. To accommodate, I always buy him a block of cheese to snack on and shredded cheese that he can sprinkle on his meals. He’s happy and I can still have my cheese free version.

Has cheese slowed down your weight loss?? It’s not the easiest thing to give up but you’ll be so glad that you did. Tell me, do you also have this issue and how has cutting the cheese (I’ve been dying to say that) improved the way you feel? Leave me a COMMENT below 😀


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