4 Ways to overcome doubt and chase after your dreams

4 Ways to overcome doubt and chase after your dreams

When you set out to do something HUGE, something life changing, something not many people go after, you’re going to run into naysayers. Who are these people and why are they trying to bring you down? The scary thing is they can be anyone (even close friends and family members) who are trying to bring you down because they are jealous. They don’t want to see you succeed when they aren’t. Here are 4 ways to overcome the doubt and chase after your dreams with your head held high.

Act as if your goals already happened

There’s NO DOUBT in your mind that you’re going to land that dream job, get that book published, start your own business, or move to a mansion in Cali. Stop dreaming about it and act as if it has already happened! I love telling people that I’m quitting my full time job next year. I’m not in the position to do it now but I know next year I’ll be where I need to be. This let’s others know that you’re serious about these goals and it let’s your confidence shine.

Surround yourself with people who lift you up

Evaluate who you spend most of your time with. Are they people who lift you up and inspire you? Or are they the ones trying to pull you down with them? Do they laugh at your big dreams? Don’t take you seriously? You don’t need these types of people in your life right now. It’s not easy to let go of relationships especially when they’re family but you can’t be around that type of negativity if you actually want to see those goals happen.

Don’t focus on what others are doing

There will be times when you look around and start comparing yourself to others. Why are all these people so far ahead of you?? You may even be second guessing your goals thinking you’re just not cut out for it. It’s so not true!! You are capable of accomplishing anything you put your mind to. Everyone moves at their own pace and everyone’s in a different part of the journey. Look to others for inspiration but only focus on where YOU’RE at and where you’re headed. Remember, you’re only in competition with yourself.

Keep your head held high

You could be doing everything right to avoid the negativity but there’s always going to be something or someone who tries to break that positive spirit. I am actually known for my uplifting personality but even I can get really down in some dark places. One thing that you need to be doing daily is working on yourself. I either read or listen to at least 15 minutes a day of personal development. This has been a total game changer for me. Next time someone in your life tried to put you down you’ll have the STRENGTH to carry on and do your own thing.

I’ve recently been feeling a little down about my business. Sometimes it’s not even the words others say when you tell them your future goals but the look they give you. I’ve come to realize that it’s ok! They’re free to believe whatever they want but I know in my heart what I really want and how I’ll get it. Remember that this is YOUR LIFE so don’t let others predict your future for you.


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