How to focus on YOU in 4 easy steps

How to focus on YOU in 4 easy steps

We live in such a fast paced world that we rarely find time to sit back and enjoy this life of ours. I’m a victim to it as well. I work a full time job and run a business on the side. I thought I was getting in plenty of “me” time by reading my personal development books for 15 minutes every morning. While that’s a great way to start my day, I wasn’t actually clearing my mind. I was focusing on myself but I wasn’t in a peaceful and relaxing place. Recently I discovered the power of taking real quality time for myself and it has completely changed me. I was able to REALLY relax, clear my mind of all the junk going on in my life, and just reset myself. I encourage you to do the same. Here’s how to focus on YOU in 4 easy steps. Yes, you do have the time for it!

#1: Set aside time

Take a day off of work or leave your Sunday afternoon completely free. Seriously, don’t plan on doing ANYTHING in this time. Don’t worry about housework, grocery shopping, heading to work the next day, etc. Get all the dirty work done ahead of time so you can totally clear your mind of that clutter.

#2: Plan what you’ll do

I suggest getting out of the house for your focused chill out time. If you’re hanging around the house, you’ll start thinking up things that need to be done and you’ll become distracted. If it’s a nice day, plan to head to the park or the beach. Pick a time and day where this place, wherever you choose, will be nice and quiet. Think of places you can go for a leisurely walk or that have a nice place to sit.

#3: Leave your phone behind

If you do bring your phone with you in case of an emergency, turn it off or on silent so it doesn’t become a distraction to you. I understand that when going out to a park or anywhere really, it’s nice to have your phone on you in case something were to happen. I just don’t want it to be a distraction. You can however use your phone to listen to an inspiring podcast or calming music. Don’t you be Facebooking though! You can also bring a personal development book with you to read and a journal. You are working on yourself, after all!

#4: Actually do it!

Don’t just tell yourself you’ll have your chill time one of these days. Just go out and do it! You will feel so relaxed, rejuvenated, inspired, creative, and powerful because of it. When you go out on your little “me-venture”, there are a few things to keep in mind. First off, totally clear your mind. Every time something creeps up in your thoughts and has been stressing you out, quickly think of something you’re grateful for. Sometimes when you’re left alone with your thoughts, negative things start to pop up. That’s why I recommend personal development books and podcasts to keep it positive. Also, don’t set an end time for your reflection. Keep it going until you feel satisfied. You’ll know by the change in your attitude. Think about things that make you happy, the great things you have in your life, where you’re headed in the future, and how you appreciate the people you have in your life. Remember, all positive thoughts!!

How often should you have this time to yourself?

I actually just started doing this little reflection thing recently. I took the day off work for my birthday and my hubby was still going to work that day. I thought about what I really wanted to do and honestly, I just wanted peace and quiet. I cannot tell you how amazing it felt. I kept telling everyone that it was the best birthday I have ever had. I ended up going to the park, took a long walk, and found a pretty place to sit and just reflect. I spent about 2 hours there.

Anyway, I feel like once a month would be a good amount of time to do this. I know we’re all super busy and short on time so the last thing we need to worry about is fitting time to relax into our schedule every week. I do however feel like we can do mini sessions more frequently. You can always wake up 15 minutes before the rest of your family and sit out in the living room, close your eyes, and just relax your mind. However often you choose to do it, make it a routine. I really think we all need more of this in our lives! I want you to actually go through these 4 steps and focus on YOU sometime this month!! Write it down in your calendar TODAY and actually do it! 🙂

Tell me, what is your FAVORITE way to just disconnect from the world and spend time focusing on you??


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