7 tips for getting the perfect butt

7 tips for getting the perfect butt

I love doing squats even though they totally suck because they give you the butt that you want. Trust me when I say there is NOTHING wrong with having a big butt. The number one way to get that booty of yours firm and lifted is by doing the dreaded squat. You MUST be doing them!! I feel like a lot of people don’t know how to do squats the right way. And if you’re not doing them right, you won’t get the results you want. That being said, here are my top 7 tips for getting the perfect butt.

1.Stand with your legs hip width apart (to start)– I’ll mention some other types of squats you can do but start with the basics and keep your legs hip width apart.

2. Lean back on your heals (like you might fall over backwards)– It might feel a little uncomfortable but it’s best to lean back, not forward!

3. Go low! —Go as low as you can while maintaining good form.

4. Don’t stand all the way up–Instead of straightening your legs when you come up from a squat, only come halfway up and keep the muscle under tension. You will really feel the burn!

5. Keep your chest up–Again, don’t lean forward.

6. Try different squats–Once you have the basic squat down, mix it up and try some other types of squats. Here are some ideas:


7. Add weights–And if you’re really serious about getting your booty in shape, you can add some dumbbells to your squats. Even a little weight goes a long way.

Up for a CHALLENGE?? I’ve done this squat challenge awhile back and it is killer!



Why is it important to get your form right when doing squats? Well if you want a nice butt, form is everything! It does take practice to get it just right though. I find that doing squats in front of a full length mirror helps you to recognize when you’re form is a little off and you easily correct it. If you want the perfect butt, simple follow these 7 tips. You will get there!

What workout move are you currently struggling with?? COMMENT below and I’ll do my best to help you out!



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