5 Healthy Party Snack Ideas your Friends will Love


Having friends over or going to a party when you’re on a diet is definitely a challenge. Should you go off your diet? Eat healthy before you go? Hope your friends like your healthy options? We have a group of friends over for game night just about every other Saturday so I always have the opportunity to try new snacks and see what my guests enjoy. I like to keep it super simple and within my budget. We do occasionally have chips and cookies but also try to get some healthy options in there too. Here are 5 healthy party snack ideas your friends will love.

  1. Celery with either peanut butter or cream cheese. I love these because they’re super easy and inexpensive to do. Rinse and chop celery up into “logs”. Top with peanut butter or cream cheese (I like having a little of both) and place on a cute serving tray.
  2. Mixed nuts. These are great alternatives to the typical chip. Look for the deals and try to get them when they’re on sale as nuts can be pricey depending which type you get.
  3. Experiment with different dips. I LOVE fun dips and I always find unique ideas on Pinterest. Just be sure to keep it healthy. I like to use sliced cucumbers as a dipper instead of chips but you can get creative and have a few options.
  4. For something sweet, go with berries or sliced apples OR..
  5. Dark chocolate. You can find a ton of specialty dark chocolate to try and taste test.I really like Ghirardelli  chocolate and it’s better than candy bars, cake, or ice cream as a dessert.

Don’t let food planning for a party stress you out. It’s more important to have fun and enjoy the time with your guests than worrying about the food. Always remember to have fun with it. Mix it up and try new things! You can always have a back up snack that you know for sure your friends like just in case something doesn’t come out the way you expected it to. They’re your friends, they’ll understand!

If you have a favorite healthy party snack, leave a COMMENT below. I’m always looking for new ideas.


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