How to reach for BIGGER goals


Achieving your big goals all starts with your MINDSET. A lot of the time we limit ourselves. We think “That’s too big of a task. I won’t be able to get that done. I’m just going to shoot for the smaller goals.” You know you can achieve small goals. You can get them done and easily check them off your list. And that feels good. You feel like you’ve accomplished something. You don’t feel like a failure.

But I want you to change your mindset. Instead of going after those small goals just to feel like you’ve done something, go after the big goals. Don’t limit yourself  on the tiny things. Shoot for something HUGE and then when you accomplish that it’ll be a million times more satisfying.

This works for both your life goals and your fitness goals. Here’s how. Say you’re doing a workout and you think to yourself “I can’t get through this workout. This is too difficult. I can only get through the first 10 minutes.” Well you know what, you’ll only be able to get through the first 10 minutes if that’s what’s already in your head. Now if you say to yourself “I’m going to rock this workout. I know I wasn’t able to do it before but I’m gonna get through the whole thing and I’m going to kill it.” By saying this to yourself you’re going to get a lot further in your workout. Your setting that goal for yourself. Telling yourself that you’re not going to give up in the first 10 minutes even though that’s only what you’ve been able to do in the past. Tell yourself YOU WILL complete the entire workout. Talking to yourself in this positive voice can be a total life-changer for you. You will be amazed at what you can actually do.

In life, set your goals high. Set high expectations for yourself because you can do incredible things. You are AMAZING. You can do anything you but your mind to. So I don’t want you to limit yourself because if you do, that’s all you’ll ever be able to achieve. The bare minimum. Shoot higher and you will be able to achieve more. You know what, you can even take those big goals that seem so overwhelming and you can break them down into smaller more manageable goals and work on that. Focus on the smaller things that add up to the bigger things. Trust me, you can do a lot in your life if you just out your mind to it. It all starts with that mindset of yours!


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