How to make Mondays count!


Mondays tend to get a bad rap. We dread going back to the office after a nice relaxing weekend. It’s tough for our mind and body to get back into work mode. And the week ahead always looks long and daunting. But treating Monday’s like this isn’t fair! It’s the most important day of your week and I’ll tell you why.

Have you ever heard the saying “never miss a Monday” when it comes to fitness? What does it mean? Why never miss a Monday? Well Monday is the first day of the week. This means it sets the tone for the entire week. Basically, if you go into Monday with a bad attitude you can expect that bad attitude to carry over throughout the whole week. The same thing goes with your workouts. If you miss a Monday, it’s really difficult to get back on track on Tuesday and Wednesday and so on. So instead, if you start the week off STRONG you’ll have a better and more productive week.

Rest up on Sunday and start FRESH on Monday. This is your opportunity to make it an incredible week. What are you going to do? Here are my suggestions..

  1. Wake up early. Lay in bed and think about what you’re grateful for. I like to lay there and think about my husband and my cat and dog who are laying right there beside me and think about how blessed I am to have them in my life. Just 5 minutes. That’s all it takes to think about how LUCKY I am to be able to get up, work out, and go to a job where I actually enjoy what I do. It’s the simple things but I am so grateful for them.
  2. Get your sweat on! Seriously. You don’t want to miss a Monday. Rock your workout. Get it done and get it over with first thing. Sweat out all that stress and worry. You’ll feel so much better.
  3. Eat a good breakfast. I like to start my day with a healthy shake that fills me up and keeps me energized.
  4. Get some personal development in. This isn’t for everyone but you can read 15 minutes of a personal development book. Work on yourself. Maybe you meditate. Do something to BETTER yourself. Whatever you do, get in the mindset of having an awesome day which will lead into an incredible week. Set yourself up for success.
  5. Look your best. I’m not a super girly girl but I know when I do my hair nicely, when I wear a little bit of makeup, and when I rock a cute outfit I just FEEL better. I’m more confident. Start your Monday looking amazing. Have a little fun with it. Do something a little different.
  6. Don’t let a bad morning get you down. Maybe you woke up late or were stuck in traffic. BUT you’re going to have an amazing day anyway! When you get to work, keep your attitude positive no matter what happens. You’re going to get focused, be super productive and get a lot done. That will help you along throughout the week.
  7. Sit down and have an amazing dinner with your family. Actually talk and have a real conversation. Build a relationship with your husband. Don’t just come home and watch TV. Take a walk. Do something special. Date nights don’t have to just be for Friday and Saturday night. Do something special on a Monday night. Have something to look forward to. Why not mix it up?

Make Monday a day to look forward to! It will make the rest of your week so much more enjoyable. You’ll get so much more done and you’ll feel better about yourself. I CHALLENGE you to go into today like it’s Friday. Can you do it??


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