How I cut soda out of my life for good

How I cut soda out of my life for good

One of the main struggles that many people I come across have just happens to be the one thing that makes a HUGE impact on your weight loss. The bad habit I’m referring to is one that you probably don’t think twice about. I’m talking about sweetened drinks, mostly soda. When it comes to losing weight and getting healthy, we often look to our food choices first. It doesn’t seem like a drink can be all that bad, right? I’m not an expert in nutrition but what I do know is that a huge part of my weight loss came when I eliminated soda from my diet. But I didn’t do it all at once. The SECRET is to take baby steps here’s how.

The first thing I did was switch to diet soda. However, now I know that diet soda really isn’t the best for you. As your first step, I would recommend just cutting back on your soda intake. So if you normally have one can with lunch and one with dinner, take one of the two out and switch it with tea or water.

The next thing I did was switch from the diet soda to carbonated water. You can find these in different flavors and you still get bubbles as you do with soda so it makes the transition easier.

When carbonated water got boring, I switched to green tea. I lived off green tea for awhile! It’s good for you and has flavor, unlike plain water.

After while, I did switch to plain water. I wanted to start drinking more of it throughout the day. When you get to this point, you can always add some lemon to your water for flavor. Also, the lemon does wonders for your skin. I actually prefer drinking my water plain though. And after awhile you’ll start craving just plain ole’ water. You won’t even have to think twice about it.

Switching from soda to water will work wonders for your weight loss in two main ways. First of all, you’ll eliminating a TON of sugar from your diet. You’re also staying hydrated all day and keeping yourself full. Sometimes when we’re hungry we actually just need water. So before you jump on some fad diet bandwagon or try out some complicated weight loss program, work on one thing at a time and start with giving up soda.

Tell me, what are you struggling with most when it comes to your nutrition?? Leave a comment below and I’ll give my suggestions in the next blog post.


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