Whole30 week #1: The good and the bad


Last week I talked about getting started on the Whole30 program. To be honest, the rules are a little extreme but it’s for reason. The #1 thing to remember when doing Whole30 is to ready EVERY stinking label! In fact the majority of the food you eat shouldn’t even have a label which makes it super easy. But things you thought would be a no-brainer lime cashews, canned tuna, and flavored coffee could be cheating. I had to go back out the the store and get raw cashews last week because the ones I had originally picked up had peanut oil! Anyway, after the learning experience things got easier. I learned just to keep my meals super simple. My main meals consist of meat and veggies. Snacks are berries and apples. Sometimes an avocado. No need to complicate things, right? Anyway let’s get into the important part of this Whole30 program, how I FEEL after week #1. Here’s my experience so far, the good and the bad!


After the first day I already saw a huge improvement. My bloating went down immediately and I just felt lighter! I felt more comfortable in my pants and better about myself.

I got the hang of the diet quickly once I simplified everything and haven’t had any cravings.


I started breaking out! Apparently this is normal and can happen at any stage of the program. My skin should clear up again by the end of the program.

I felt like I had the flu for the first few days. All my energy was completely drained and I was getting plenty of sleep. But I also know this is typical when the body is detoxing. By Wednesday the sick feeling went away.

My hubby and I normally grab something quick to eat for lunches on the weekend but I feel like I can’t do that anymore. I don’t know how the food is prepared if we go out and even of I got a salad what would I do for dressing??

Overall the first week has been good. I know the “bad” list is to be expected so I wasn’t too concerned with those things. Tell me, how did you feel during week #1?? COMMENT below with your story 😀



2 thoughts on “Whole30 week #1: The good and the bad

  1. Week #1 was okay… Not very bad was like an introductory, but week #2 days 9-10 was my weakest points where i was about to quit, i was thinking am i doing the right thing? Or what am i doing?! I have also, not read the book just online reviews of the whole 30 before jumping in. Also, i probably am the worst customer to restaurants as i pretend to be “alergic” to some ingredients to make sure they serve me a whole30 approved meal, i dont like to cook and have no time, i hated the program, but being in days 11-12-13 now i am feeeling much much better and accustomed to the situation!

    Sorry for the long post, i just needed to vent to someone that understands where i am coming from, i know no one who is doing now.


    1. That’s actually not a bad idea, pretending you’re allergic to certain things! I just stayed away from eating out during Whole30 lol. I really think you should stick with it because the last week for me was the best. I seriously felt like a million bucks and am thinking about starting it again just to get that feeling back. And I totally know how you feel about wanting to give up!! It’s a very tough plan to stick to. My biggest tip is just to take it one day at a time. You can do this!!


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