Whole30: Ending week #2


Alright, I have mixed feelings about week #2. There are good things and some eh things going on this week. I love how I can totally see a change though. It makes me feel like I’m working for something. Change is good, right?? Anyway, let’s start with the negative..

I felt bloated all week!! I thought the bloating was supposed to go away. What gives? There’s always a reason for every change so I thought long and hard about my food choices for the week. For one, I wasn’t eating as much veggies. More sweet potatoes than anything because they fill me up. Also, I baked my chicken drumsticks in a big casserole dish and kept them in the same dish, sitting in a puddle of fat. I feel like that extra fat could have made me feel a little off. Lesson learned. As we speak I have my chicken in the oven but I’ll put them in separate containers when they’re done. It’s easier to grab and go before work anyway.

Next up: increased thirst!! I wouldn’t say this is a bad thing but I have been taking in way more water this week. I’m constantly chugging it all day instead of just sipping throughout the day.

My hair is smoother and healthier!! It’s also more grey but I don’t think that has much to do with the diet 😀

Cravings are pretty much non existent at the moment. I could totally go for a chocolate chip cookie. Let me be more specific.. A freshly baked, chocolatey, ooey gooey chocolate chip cookie! But I wouldn’t say I’m intensely craving it. It would just be nice to have one.

Overall I’m still feeling good about the Whole30 program. I’m about halfway done already and staying strong. I don’t think I could go much further than the 30 days though as I’m already growing bored of the lunch options. I know I could mix it up but it’s all about convenience and budget for me. So chicken it is for another week!

Do you have a dieting story (Whole30 or not) to share?? COMMENT below. 😀



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