What you need to know about stretching after a workout


I’m sorry to call you out Justin but I’ve noticed that my hubby skips over the warmup and cool down parts of his workouts. The beauty of an at home DVD fitness program is being able to hit pause when you need to. But I have a hunch that they put the cool down segment in there at the end for a reason. Here’s why you don’t want to miss stretching after a workout.

1. It feels good!!! Before we get into all the benefits let’s face it, stretching just feels good! It’s not an intense part of you workout, you can wind down and I think it’s equivalent of a great massage but that’s just me.

2. It improves your performance. When stretching you’re improving your joint range of motion which will help you in future workouts.

3. It decreases your chance of injury. Since you’re working on your flexibility when stretching as well as your joints, it can prevent injury. Don’t skip it because when injured, you’ll have to ease back on exercise and I’m sure you don’t want that!

4. It prevents pain. Not necessarily muscle soreness but pain can come from not stretching, particularly in the back.

It doesn’t take much effort on your part or much time at all. In fact you can get a good stretch in only 5 minutes. Take the time to do it!! What’s the worst that could happen? You feel a little better and improve in your workouts? I’ll take it!


Tell me, what’s your favorite stretch? COMMENT below!



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