How to get MORE out of life by forgetting what other people think of you

How to get MORE out of life by forgetting what other people think of you.jpg

Have you ever met a really boring person who seems to be like every other person on the planet? You know, the typical person following all the typical trends, posting the typical things on Facebook which are just shared posts from other people. People who have no real personality. Or maybe they do but you just can’t figure out WHO they really are. Isn’t that so frustrating? It’s like you can’t read that person. Do they like me? Are they being fake with me? You just can’t tell. What if everyone were like this? The world would be filled with zombies or robots or whatever you want to call them. How do we break free from this boring life? By BEING OURSELVES!

It’s scary though. We always worry about what other people think of us. Do we sound intelligent enough? Are we making fools of ourselves? Will they turn around and laugh at us behind our backs? We all have this need to fit in. We want people to like us. That’s natural. But shouldn’t people like us for our own unique personalities? It shouldn’t be about the clothes we wear, the words we use, or the car we drive. It should be about what’s deep inside. We shouldn’t have to hide our true personalities. There are so many people out there who would BENEFIT from seeing the real you!

I actually learned this recently from many different people. Maybe it’s a sign I need to start implementing it in my life. I always think I’m being myself but sometimes my shield does go up. Especially at work. I go in to do my job, not to socialize. I’m a totally different person when I get home. But you know what, it’s really exhausting trying to be someone you’re not. I think it’s time we put our own selves before others. Let’s start worrying LESS about what other people think. Maybe they won’t like the real you and that’s fine. Not everyone will get along. We all have such different personalities that it’s nearly impossible to get along with everyone. Accept your differences and move on. That’s all you can really do.

On the flip side, your true personality can change someone else’s life. You can give them the courage to break out of their shell and start living their life as you have! That’s so powerful. Once you just start being yourself the possibilities are endless. It’s like having a weight lifted off your shoulders. You can see clearly. You can reach your goals easier. You can start enjoying life.

So who’s with me in forgetting what other people think of you and just have fun, be yourself, and enjoy life??



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