Whole30: The journey continues

Whole30- The journey continues

Here I am, still on my journey to a healthier lifestyle. It really never ends, does it? You may be tempted by all the quick fixes out there but is it really a quick fix? After you’re done the “get skinny in one week” or whatever it is you’re into (I made that one up) what happens next? Do you just keep those results until the end of time without any additional work? Yeah right! You have to keep working on it to maintain those results.

I recently finished up a program called Whole30. It’s a very strict but healthy 30 day reset or detox with a focus on whole foods. I won’t get into my journey on Whole30 in this post but check out my previous posts for more info on that. I go into detail the ups, downs, benefits, and struggles in those 😀

Now I’m onto the next stage of the program: reintroduction. Many of us have mixed feelings about this stage. On one hand, you cannot wait to add in some of the foods you missed the most (like dairy) but on the other hand, you felt so amazing in that last week of Whole30 it could be terrifying of going back to your old ways and lose that progress. Notice I’m using “you” here instead of “I”. I’m not the only one experiencing this dilemma and you’ll most likely go through it too. Here’s how I’m handling the first week AFTER Whole30.

The first thing I reintroduced back into my diet was my Shakeology (my daily nutritious shake). The non-compliant ingredient in my shake was Stevia. That’s it. I decided to reintroduce this first because I missed them in the morning, I know how healthy they are for me, and I had a whole unopened bag. Instead of mixing the shake with almond milk as I normally would, I mixed it with water. It’s not as dessert-like this way but I can deal. So far, no negative reactions to it.

I also added just a little bit of cheese to my diet. I made my famous cream cheese chicken wrapped in bacon  for dinner two nights this past week. I didn’t check the bacon but I don’t think it was 100% compliant. Before going to bed, I did have minor stomach pains for about 10 minutes. My body was like “what the heck is going on here??”. The next night I was fine with no stomach issues. I had more bacon and non compliant sausage with my breakfast for dinner the other night and seemed to be fine as far as stomach issues go.

As far as other progress goes, I have been extremely exhausted this past week which could be either one of two things: The change in diet or just the fact that I have been working my butt off with my business. There was one day last week that I felt amazing (lighter, skinny, no bloat) and the rest of the days I felt average. Not bad but not incredible either. My weight has stayed about the same. I dropped about 3 pounds on Whole30 and stayed about the same all week (maybe gained a pound but it’s normal for the scale to fluctuate).

One thing I really struggled with in my final week of Whole30 was my cravings. That last week felt so long and all I wanted to do was break down. I couldn’t wait to be finished so I could eat just one caramel chocolate sitting in my pantry. Yet I still haven’t had the urge to eat it since completing the program. I think it’s all a mind game. Knowing I absolutely cannot have something makes me want it even more. When I knew I could have it, I no longer wanted it. So funny how our minds control us like that!

My next plans.. As mentioned, the journey never ends and it’s so important to have a plan in place to help you stay in line with your goals. I plan on going back to paleo. First of all, it’s not a drastic change to what I was doing on Whole30 but it’s not as strict which will help me stick to it. I have a huge sweet tooth so I’m playing around with healthier dessert options for when our friends come over (which is every other week). This weekend I’m trying out Chocolate Chip Banana Bread and it feels so great to get back to baking. I gave it up when I gave up my unhealthy eating habits. I didn’t think healthy desserts could possibly taste good so I gave up my super funky cupcake apron and switched my focus to healthy dinners instead. Of course I won’t have my Paleo desserts often but once every other week should satisfy just fine. And if I want the occasional slice of pizza, I’m not going to deprive myself of it. My next challenge: Having treats in moderation. That has always been a struggle for me.

Tell me: How do you handle your cheat meals?? Stay tuned for the next blog for more on this!


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