Is coffee really bad for you??

Is coffee really bad for you--

Confession: I may or may not have a coffee problem. I’m not quite sure yet.. I try to keep it at 2 cups a day (only in the morning since it keeps me up at night if I have a cup in the afternoon) and a decaf cup later in the day. Doesn’t sound like much but I always have coffee on the brain. Like right now. I’ve already had my two cups so it’s probably time for me to switch over to my decaf. The only thing stopping my from grabbing another cup right now is the fact that my hubby is in the living room doing his workout and I don’t want to disturb him by walking through to the kitchen. Bet your butt I’ll be getting it as soon as he’s done though! SO anyway, why do I think I have a coffee addiction? I actually like the way it tastes. It’s more than just added caffeine to me. In fact, my early morning exercise routine wakes me up without needing any caffeine at all. Not many people I know drink coffee for the taste. They actually tend to load it up with creamer and sugar just to get it down. Not me. I drink mine black. Am I weird? possibly but here’s a question that I’m sure we all have on the mind whether we drink coffee to wake us up or just for the taste. Is coffee really bad for you??

I pose this question because I hear it all the time. It’s well known around the office that I live an extremely healthy lifestyle. I work out every morning and eat a fairly healthy diet with the exception of a few treats now and them (I am human after all!). When people find out that I drink coffee they’re shocked. Like how could I drink this “poison” while on a healthy diet?? I don’t get it. I thought coffee was good for you? Am I wrong? Well that’s what I’m determined to figure out today. Let the research begin! Lemme grab another cup of coffee first..

The bad.

I know I’m one of the rare few who likes my coffee black. That being said, the majority of the population may be in danger of adding extra sugary bad things in their coffee like flavored creamer and sugar. Those fancy coffees with the syrup and whipped cream from Starbucks? They probably contain a whole days worth of calories (and not the good kind). Sorry for the bad news 😦

You should only stick to 1-2 cups a day! I know this can be difficult for the coffee addict who needs a cup every hour.

In the long run, drinking more than the recommended 1-2 cups can actually make you gain weight. It can increase stress hormones which can in turn also increase your cravings for bad things.

Too much caffeine can also make your blood sugar levels quickly go up and down which can increase your hunger, making you eat more.

The good.

Helps you lose weight. You heard right! Caffeine boosts your metabolism and gives you a boost of energy (to power through those workouts).

It suppresses your appetite. I don’t know about you but I’m always at my hungriest in the morning. Maybe because I burn all those cals in my AM sweat session. When I drink my coffee in the morning with my breakfast, it fills me up more and prevents me from snacking more.

Regular black coffee is calorie free!!

TIP!! If you decide to keep coffee in your diet, drink your 1-2 cups within 1 hour of working out for optimal weight loss.


Coffee is ok as long as you stick to some basic rules..

  • Stick to only 1-2 cups a day
  • Drink within an hour of your morning workout
  • Don’t add all the fancy stuff (sugar, flavored creamer, syrups). Keep it simple!
  • Stay away from afternoon coffee breaks. It could keep you up at night and even if you don’t think it affects your sleep, it does!

So what will you do?? Will you keep coffee in your life but follow some of the basic rules? Or will you cut it out altogether? I’ll be keeping it in my diet. I already follow the guidelines for keeping it healthy so I’ll keep drinking my black liquid of yummy-ness. Cheers! *mug bump*


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