Almond Flour vs Coconut Flour: Which is Healthier??

Almond Flour vs Coconut Flour- Which is Healthier--

Search for “Low-carb” on Pinterest and you’ll find LOADS of recipes as this is probably the way to eat right now. If you’re unsure about this trend, look it up! I believe in it 100%. Anyway, since bread is something that the majority of low-carbers miss most, you’ll find a ton of low-carb bread, muffin, cookie, waffle, etc. recipes that use either almond flour or coconut flour. I found that these can be way more pricey than your typical white flour. And for some reason as soon as I invest in a bag of almond flour, I come across a really good recipe that uses coconut flour. So basically, I always have both options on hand but have always wondered if I could use one OR the other. Do they do the same thing? Is one better for you than the other?? I did some research on this and here’s what I found over the almond flour vs coconut flour debate.

The Stats

Coconut flour                                                       Almond Flour

Cals: 120                                                                 Cals: 160

Fat: 4 grams                                                          Fat: 14 grams

Protein: 4 grams                                                 Protein: 6 grams

Carbs: 16 grams                                                  Carbs: 6 grams

Fiber: 10 grams                                                   Fiber: 6 grams


The biggest difference between almond flour and coconut flour (other than the stats above) is the unique taste. From my research, I’d say just go with the one you like the taste of better. However, they do have different consistencies that you should be aware of as well. Coconut flour is much more absorbent so it needs to be treated a little differently (see below for substitution tips).


Both almond flour and coconut flour are great substitutions for white flour. They can also be interchangeable (with one main rule).

Since coconut flour absorbs a lot of moisture, you’ll have to adjust the liquid measurements in the recipe when switching between coconut flour and almond flour. You can substitute 1 cup of almond flour with 1/4 cup of coconut flour. Or add one egg for every 1/4 cup of coconut flour used PLUS the amount of eggs the recipe originally called for.

Sounds complicated, right? Basically, it can be done but coconut flour requires more liquids. Again, I would go with the one you like the taste of most and if you really like both it may be worth it to just stock up on both. I’m lazy and hate math so that’s what I do!

Which is healthier?

They actually say that ones not better for you than the other. I say it’s all about your personal diet. For example, super low-carb dieters (like keto) usually lean more towards almond flour for it’s low carbs and high fat. If you’re plan is more laid back, you could really get away with either. I know some people can be sensitive to almonds so in that case they would want to go with coconut flour. Everyone’s so different and it’s really something that needs to be determined by the individual. If you’re not sure which one you’d like to use, try them both!

Which one do you prefer to cook/bake with and WHY?? Drop a comment below 🙂




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