10 Things you need to have on a road trip


It’s 4:30 am and we’re on the road on our way to Nashville for the huge Beachbody summit. Sound early? We were actually up this morning at 1:30 am!! It’s so much better with traffic that we always leave this early for road trips. It’s a 12 hour drive to Nashville which sounds long to most people but considering our 18 hour trips to PA, this is nothing! You may be wondering why we drive rather than fly. It’s simple.. we save a ton of money and we actually really enjoy our road trips. But there are certain things that are a must to bring on a road trip. Here are 10 things I always bring.

1. A really good playlist – you can put one together on Spotify

2. Healthy snacks – healthy is key so ypu stay alert and feel good!

3. Lots of water – I like to pack water bottles in mini coolers that I keep in the front seat.

4. Coffee or in my hubby’s case, energy drink to stay awake.

5. Hoodie (my hubby freezes me out with the AC)

6. Magazines – I prefer these to books because the articles are short and easy to read. I can even share fun facts with my hubby. (By the way, he almost always drives)

7. Car phone charger. I love Instagraming my journey so keeping my phone charged is a must!

8. Deodorant, perfume, lip gloss and anything else to help you freshen up at pit stops.

9. Garbage bag to throw your trash in as you go. You can always dump it out when you stop at a gas station.

10. Cash! For tolls and quick stops at convenience stores.

Road trips can be fun if you go prepared. Be sure to bring things to keep you entertained, comfortable, and alert! Tell me, where are you vacationing this summer? Will you be driving or flying??



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