Coach Summit 2016: The EXPERIENCE


Coach Summit 2016- The EXPERIENCE

The past two weeks have been absolutely CRAZY!! My hubby and I were in Nashville for the big coach summit 2 weeks ago and when we got home I was on fire, totally pushing myself in my business like never before. I have so much to share with my team as far as the announcements and all the workshop training goes but first I want to share a little bit of the EXPERIENCE. I think that’s so important. The Beachbody culture is like no other. Being in Nashville with all the other coaches was like finally meeting up with 26,000 of my best friends. We’ve been talking online for the past year and a half and we finally got to meet in person. It was incredible! I’ll get into all the event details but first let me tell you about my journey just getting to Nashville..

My hubby and I woke up at 1:30 AM to make our journey to Alabama with our pup to drop her off at my mother-in-law’s and then head right to Nashville from there. We were expecting a 12 and a half hour drive total. But before we even got out of Florida we got stopped in traffic for 6 and a half hours!!! Luckily my pup does really well in the car but I still felt super bad for her 😦 We finally made it to Nashville at around 8 PM, immediately showered, picked up a pizza and went to bed.

Me at 1:30 AM with my Shakeology!

We ended up staying in this little guesthouse abut 15 minutes from downtown that we found on AirBnB. This was seriously the cutest place ever with all these rustic decorations. She even had bottled water waiting for us in the fridge and a ton of k cup options for us to choose from. It’s those little things that really make a difference. The only downside to the stay was that the DVD player did not work. If you know me, you know that I live off my morning workouts on DVD. That’s my life. But it all worked out because I was able to create my own resistance band routine that I was able to do in the small space I had available. And I wrote it all down on the pizza box from the night before… Vacation life at it’s finest πŸ™‚ (If you want a PDF of this “vacation routine” please let me know in the comments. I’m in the process of perfecting it!)

The really cute guesthouse we stayed at

My pizza box workout routine πŸ™‚

After eating our leftover pizza for breakfast, Justin and I hit up Nashville to explore the city! Let me just say, Nashville gets HOT in the summer!! Like Florida hot. We walked up and down every street stopping at every single shop there was to get out of the heat. The first store was really cool with all the tourist souvenirs but every single one after that had the same exact stuff. After the several hours we spent wondering the streets of Nashville, we came to the conclusion that it’s not the city for us. It was definitely nice visiting but we wouldn’t move there. If you like country music and drinking, then you would love it! But that’s just not us. Well we may consider the area just for the food. The food in Nashville is any foodie’s DREAM! While downtown, we ate at Street Taco and the nachos were to die for!! Later that night we met up with a few coaches from the team and had Nashville Hot Chicken Salad from the Hard Rock with some girls on the Sweat Nation Team. If you go to Nashville, you’ll have to try the hot chicken. Apparently that’s what the city is known for.

Street Taco was seriously the BOMB!

Ok so let’s get back to the actual coaching part of the trip.. I could not believe how many coaches were roaming the streets of Nashville!! They were seriously everywhere and the city was ready for us too. They had these HUGE “welcome coaches” banners everywhere. It really made us feel special. Most everything at Summit took place in one main building. We explored the entire building on that first day. They had huge banners with every coaches name on it grouped by their level of coaching. They had every top coaches picture hanging in this red carpet lines hallway that led into a GIANT Beachbody store with a ton of apparel with different sections for each program. There was one section where they had a bunch of the top trainer cutouts so you could take your picture with them. Shakeology booths were around the building, every TV screen had Beachbody info, there were bins of free stuff that coaches could grab like fat % calipers and CIZE socks, and there was a large banner with the 2016 theme “Stronger Every Day” where coaches could sign. I think I got all the details in, there was a lot going on!

13620841_10153761798073671_8537900376333913709_nHaving fun with Tony Horton hehe

So Justin tagged along with the girls that night and while we were waiting to meet up with them trainer Sagi from Body Beast walked right past us! I’ve done Body Beast and Justin was currently do that program so it was so amazing to see him in person. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a picture of him because he looked busy 😦 Once the girls showed up, we stood around and watched the top coaches walk by as they were going into their special ceremony. It was like watching celebrities walk by. They were all dressed up and looked so pretty! And of course, we were so star struck since we watch these coaches do training videos all the time. They’re actually normal people just like us and it may seem strange to an outsider but these are our role models! Anyway, we went to dinner and as we walked through the city back to the car, I noticed Nashville really come alive. There was live music everywhere and it was definitely a really cool atmosphere.

13782242_10153764703398671_3261191886279487362_nThe Tinkham’s in Nashville!!

The next morning was super rainy so all we did was go out to breakfast and then come back to take a nap. Later that night we had the opening ceremony and big announcements but before I get into that, let me just tell you about this breakfast we had.. I am a huge foodie, remember? So we went to the place downtown called Biscuit Love. Do I need to say more? πŸ™‚ Hehe so anyway, it was pouring, there was a long line, we had to pay for parking (and had to during our whole trip everywhere we went), and we were soaked. But it was all worth it for this biscuit with gravy and fried chicken. Seriously the BEST food I ever had in my entire life!! We also acted as fat kids and got a plate of Bonuts (biscuit donuts with lemon cream and blueberries). These things were to die for! I’m actually drooling a little now just thinking about them. We also had to get a magnet while we were there that said “resting brunch face”. We collect magnets and that one was a must! So after all that, a nap was in order!

Breakfast at Biscuit Love ❀

That evening was the opening ceremony which was held at Nissan Stadium. First we met up with our team leaders Kim and Kalee. It felt like we had known each other for ages!! And then I got to know some other coaches on the team as we walked over to the stadium over this huge walking bridge. When we got there, all the top coaches sat on the field and the rest of us were in the stands. The opening ceremony kicked off with some recognitions. The 1-4 star diamond coaches came running out onto the field and there were actual fireworks celebrating their success! I just thought that was so cool. My office job doesn’t do that when I do something good! Then there were more recognitions for various categories including the Million Club (coaches who have made a million dollars with Beachbody). I really want to be in that club. I know I will make it one day! The came the announcement with new Beachbody On Demand stuff and a new program. I won’t get into all the details but it was all really exciting. They even had the trainers for the new program come up on stage and give us the inside scoop. Of course the CEA Carl Daikler was there pumping us up about the theme for the year and the company in general. He even gave us a challenge to start and finish a program this year and drink Shakeology every day. Sounds easy enough but us coaches tend to have program ADD and jump around from one thing to another.Β Oh I almost forgot! In the very beginning of the ceremony, they had Autumn come out and show us a little Country Heat (her new program that just launched). There was a band and everything. I think the most exciting thing about the opening ceremony was the huge announcement of where summit will be held next year. I heard rumors that it would be Nashville again so I didn’t think it would be too exciting but they brought a band out and really got us pumped up. Then finally “New Orleans” flashed across the huge screen and we all went crazy. I cannot wait for summit next year. I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans and now I have the perfect excuse thanks to Beachbody. So leaving the stadium was absolutely nuts, there were so many coaches everywhere. I usually get really frustrated in crowds but the weird thing is all of these coaches seemed different. They were all so nice and happy and easy going. There was literally no frustration in the crowd.

13882687_10153763537023671_4387406025497643374_nSTRONGER EVERY DAY!!

The Sweat Nation girls at opening ceremony

On Friday morning I was up at 4:30AM. I didn’t get back to the guesthouse the night before until around midnight because of all the Nashville traffic then I was so pumped up about the opening ceremony and had to tell my hubby everything. I also had to jump online and order my 2017 summit tickets because those things sell out fast!! On top of all that I was so excited for my LIVE workout with my favorite goofy trainer Tony Horton (P90X and 22 Minute Hard Corp). I’m not gonna lie, this was the one thing I was looking forward to most. So I got like 10 minutes of sleep that night or at least that’s how it felt. I got there early so I wouldn’t have to be in the far back and scored a spot in the middle. He was just as much of a goofball in person as he is in the DVDs and in his book “The Big Picture”. In fact, he even had us yell out “Zoink” on some reps instead of calling out the number. I was really excited when he jumped down from the stage and started walking back towards me. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it back to me. After the 45 minute long workout we were able to take pics of Tony and his crew which included Bobby Stevenson and Traci Morrow (if you know P90X, you know these people πŸ™‚ ). After the workout, I headed over to CORE (which was the huge Beachbody store I mentioned) and immediated bought workout shirt for me and my hubby. A Body Beast shirt for him and a Tony Horton tank for me with his famous saying “Tip of the day: Don’t smash your face”. Again, if you’re a P90X fan, you’ll understand!

My super early live workout with Tony Horton

The next two days were full of workshops from 9:30 to 12:30, a break for lunch, and then again from 2:30-4:45. Workshops included a lot of top coach speakers (they are the same as anyone else! They are seriously no better than anyone else in summit except for the fact that they are working hard and killing it in their business!) as well as top trainers (Chalene Johnson and Shaun T), social media expert Gary Vee, Carl Daikler (Beachbody CEO) and many more. We had a few different options as far as lunch went. First off, there are a TON of restaurants in Nashville that you could have eaten at. Although that can be a little risky considering there are so many people and you really want to arrive in your next workshop ahead of time to get good seating. I wouldn’t want to risk being late. They also had the main strip where we were having our workshops closed off and a bunch of food trucks lined up for us. From what I heard the food truck food was really good and had a lot of seafood. Your other option was to get the boxed lunches provided by Beachbody. You had to sign up for these when you registered for your workshops and pay for them in advance. There seemed to be a huge line to get them and they just looked ok with a sandwich and maybe an apple or something. Or you can do what I do and sprint back to your car and eat the snacks that you packed ahead of time. I figured I would save money that way. Just a head’s up, you couldn’t bring food and drinks into all of the workshops. You could bring an empty water bottle in and fill it up once you got inside but that was about it. Also, the Dunkin Donuts line to get coffee was the longest line I have ever seen. There were stations that were selling water and coffee but they ran out of coffee quickly!

Ready to learn!

13876124_10153767090488671_3418544103216093626_nShaun T was one of the many incredible speakers

Friday night was the Billy Idol concert and 80’s party. This party was for coaches who made success club for (I think) 3 consecutive months. I didn’t make the cut but was actually invited to go as Kalee’s guest. This was a concert put on just for us coaches by the way! Before the concert started the top coaches actually got to meet up and mingle and I believe the top trainers were also there hanging out with them. It was fun getting all dressed up, meeting up with the girls and taking a bunch of pictures. We all looked so good!! I thought it was pretty cool that Tony Horton was the one who introduced Billy Idol since Billy Idol was actually one of his first clients. Tony Horton worked with a lot of celebrities! Our team hung out at the concert for a little while but wanted to get to know each other a little better so we headed over to the restaurant across the street. I didn’t get anything to eat since Justin and I hit up this little burger joint called Fat Mo’s (we had to go since our cat is named Moe and I always pick on him for being fat) and devoured a big burger, fries, and a cherry vanilla milkshake. Anyway, it was nice talking to the girls on the team and brainstorming some business ideas together.

Having fun at the Billy Idol 80’s party!

Same dealio with getting home late that night and waking up at 4:30 AM for another early morning workout. This time it was to work out with the other 26,000 coaches on Broadway downtown. The shut the entire street down for us!!! Just so we could get all sweaty together. It was seriously incredible. They had these huge screens up every block so we all could see the trainers. There were so many people that they even flowed into some of the side streets. We were all crammed so tightly together and kept bumping into each other but we didn’t care. There were helicopters catching us live and everything. So this workout was an hour and a half long, there were 6 workouts (about 15 minutes each)and 7 trainers who switched off so quickly that you really didn’t have much time to rest. This was the most intense workout I have ever done but also the most fun. Oh and after Tony Horton’s 22 Minute Hard Corps workout, they filmed part of the infomercial there! So if you ever catch a huge group of people sweating it out in the infomercial, that was probably us! I don’t think I have ever sweat that much in my entire life!! Can I say this was my favorite part of the whole trip? I think I already said that about something else.. probably that Biscuit Love place πŸ™‚

There we SO MANY people at the super workout on Saturday!

There was so much going on at summit and so much excitement. I was absolutely exhausted and didn’t end up going to the closing celebration but from what I hear, I didn’t miss much. I’m sure it was fun and exciting but no huge announcements or anything like that. I believe they gave away a bunch of money away to two people for their weight loss journey. I’m sure there were probably more recognitions and fireworks and all that too. We still had to pack everything up to leave the next morning and my body was screaming for rest so I went back to the guesthouse and prepared myself to leave. I think I cried on the way home. I was so depressed to have to go back to my office job after all that excitement!! But the whole summit experience has made me want to push harder to make this business work so I can finally focus on it full time.

Leaving Nashville STRONGER than I was before

If you are a Beachbody coach and unsure whether or not you want to travel to New Orleans next year for the 2017 summit, you really need to! It has already helped my business tremendously just by posting on Facebook my experience. People are excited by what I’m doing and now they want to join me. It has gotten my team pumped up about the business and they’re really to crush it this year. And the trainings and motivation you receive are just priceless. If you are not a coach but are excited about this opportunity, I strongly encourage you to join our team. It has changed my life as well as many others. Plus you’ll get to take on New Orleans with us next year!! πŸ™‚

COMMENT below and let me know if you’d like to join our team. You can learn more about the coach life HERE!


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