8 Stupid Simple Ways To Stop Snacking After Dinner

8 Stupid Simple Ways To Stop Snacking After Dinner

Last week I shared a quick tip on my Facebook page on how to prevent snacking after dinner. It was one silly trick that actually works and I had several people try it out! Over the past few days, I’ve come to realize I have many of these little tricks that I do on a daily basis. For some reason, we tend to get the late night munchies after dinner so I’ve come up with 8 stupid simple ways to stop snacking after dinner. Seriously, anyone can do these! Check em out below 🙂

  1. Close the kitchen 
    Right after you’re finished eating, do all the dishes, put everything away, and shut off the light. We all know how easy it is to quickly run back in and grab a quick snack though, right? Don’t make it easy for yourself! Get rid of all that junk and if you do have something easy to get into (like peanut butter) place it on the top shelf out of the way. Out of sight, out of mind!
  2. Take a walk
    Taking a walk after you eat dinner distracts you from wanting to snack. It used to work out perfectly because I’d have to take my dog out for a walk at this time anyway but unfortunately, my pup is now afraid of the dark and won’t go out in the evening.
  3. Drink green tea
    Did you know that drinking green tea before bed promotes calorie burning while you sleep?? Just one of the many benefits! If you feel like you just have to have something after dinner, go for the green tea instead.
  4. Track your food
    I don’t always track my food but when I do, I get super serious about it and track EVERYTHING. Once I have everything logged for the day in My Fitness Pal, I don’t want to go back in and have to add anything and mess up my numbers. Seems silly but it really does help me  cut back on the extra snacks. Guess it’s one area where my laziness pays off!
  5. Brush your teeth
    You know that gross taste you get when eating something after brushing your teeth? Use it to your advantage and brush your teeth right after eating dinner so you don’t want to eat anything and get that grossness. This also keeps your teeth nice and healthy too 🙂
  6. Stay busy
    I don’t know about you but I often snack when I’m bored and after dinner is my down time. Instead of staring at the TV at this time, do something more productive and keep yourself distracted. You can even get a workout in at this time!
  7. Drink water
    Sometimes when we feel hungry we’re really just thirsty. When you get the urge to snack, determine whether you’re really hungry or not by drinking a glass of water first. If you really are hungry, snack on something healthy like some almonds or berries.
  8. Go to bed
    If all else fails just go to bed! You can’t snack while sleeping 🙂

Since we are all so different, I can’t guarantee these will all work for you but I’m sure at least one will! Try a few out and let me know the one that helps you prevent snacking after dinner. Just drop a comment below 🙂

Good luck snackers!


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