The FIRST STEP to turning your dreams into reality


In the past (let’s say about 4 years ago) I never worked on myself. I didn’t have any big goals and I didn’t know where my life was going. I was unhealthy, eating junk just like any other typical college student, not happy with the way my body was changing (I gained about 30 lbs!), and just bitter about life in general. I honestly didn’t know how to work on myself. I didn’t understand the point of dreaming big when I didn’t actually believe any of that stuff would come true. What’s the point?? Once I started on my fitness journey with the determination to get my high school body back, other things in my life started to change. I soon discovered this thing called personal development. I had no clue what it was in the past because they don’t teach this stuff in school! So now I’m working on my body and my mind. I’m finding out that what I desire most in life is possible. Anything is possible if you have faith and believe in the things you can’t yet see.

Deep down I know you have some big dreams even if , like I once was, you don’t allow yourself to think about them much for the fear of disappointment when they don’t happen. There’s a big vacation you want to take. Or a house you’d love to live in. Maybe your dream job is out there but you don’t think you’ll ever be qualified for it. The more you tell yourself that you can’t or won’t have these incredible things in your life, the further they get from your reality. It doesn’t matter where you’re at right now in life. You can be the biggest negative Nancy in the world or you could have an open mind to this whole thing. You could already be successful and have reached some of your goals already or you could just be starting out. Doing this one thing will help you turn your dreams into reality no matter who you are. It really works. Here’s what you need to do and it’s actually a ton of fun!

Visualize your future!!

You need to go beyond just writing a list of things you want to accomplish down. Often times we write down our goals in the beginning of the new year as our resolutions and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s excellent to write your goals down but I’ll be honest with you. There’s no way you’ll reach those goals if you’re not taking action. They won’t just fall into your lap. The best way to take actions on those goals is to have  strong and powerful why. This is the thing that will push you forward when things get difficult and you feel like giving up. It’s the thing that you’re working so hard for. It’s your determination to keep going. Maybe you want to make more money. That’s an excellent goal but ask yourself WHY you want to make more money. Would you like to buy your dream house with it? Maybe travel?

This is where a vision board comes in. A vision board will keep your focus on your why and remind you of what you’re working towards. You can have that dream house or that dream car on your board. You can have pictures of the vacations you’ll one day take on your board or anything else you really want to do in life. Your dream board should get you excited. It should also get you emotional. Every time I look at mine, I tear up a little because I just can’t believe one day I’ll have all this stuff in my life. But it’s ok if you’re not at that point yet. If this whole mindset is totally new to you, your vision board may just seem like a board with a bunch of pictures on it. But I want you to look at it every day and actually put yourself in those picture. Close your eyes and really feel yourself there. Escape in that dream you have for yourself and allow yourself to believe it will really happen. It takes time but you’ll get there. And if you think this whole vision board thing is just silly, I encourage you to just do it anyway and see what happens. If nothing else, you’ll have fun dreaming 🙂

Top tips for creating a vision board

  1. Take your time. Pick out the perfect pictures. Don’t just settle on a picture of a house you think is OK. Find a picture of your DREAM house. The one you actually want to move into. There are no others that will do. It has to be a particular one. Get specific on what you want because it’s exactly what you’ll get.
  2. Put it somewhere you’ll see it often. I just made mine the other day and it’s currently at my desk in my home office. But I actually work mostly from my phone so I’ll also take a picture of my vision board and set it as my phone wallpaper so I see it more often.
  3. Really take it in. Don’t just look at it as pretty pictures. Feel yourself actually there. How will you feel when you get your dream job? Who will you tell first? Let that excitement build and keep on believing it will happen!
  4. Act and talk as if your dreams are already your reality. The more you study your board and believe in it, the easier this will be. You may need to make adjustments in your life in order for these big dreams to happen. For instance, my plan is to quit my full time job in a year in order to take my business full time. I know this will happen in one year so I’m not going to rush out and buy a new wardrobe for my office job even though I really need it. I have the clothes to get me through the next year but I choose to update my wardrobe with workout gear instead (since my business is fitness related). I also talk as if there’s no doubt in my mind that this will happen. I never say “I hope to do this”. It’s always “I WILL do this”. These things will increase your faith and allow your goals to become your reality.
  5. Make sure that what you put on your board is what YOU want in your own life. Don’t concern yourself with what others think you should do. This is all about you and what you want.
  6. Make a physical board. This is so important because at first I thought I’d be clever and make a Pinterest board but then I never went back on Pinterest to look at it! Seeing it every day is key so it’s important to put together an actual board. You can’t just store this stuff in your mind. It just won’t work. Note: Pinterest is a great tool for finding your pictures. I recommend finding them on there but then print them out for your board.

I just put together my fist vision board last night and had so much fun creating it. Even if you aren’t sold on the whole vision board thing and how it can help you turn your dreams into reality, have fun and do it anyway. Like how starting my fitness journey changed my mindset, focusing on your big dreams can change everything for you. Why be unhappy in the life you’re living when you could enjoy it?

Tell me, do you have a vision board? Or will you be creating one?? I want to know one thing that’s on it. Share yours by dropping a comment below!



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