The Ultimate Way To Relax On Your Day Off



TGIM!! Yes, thank God it’s Monday  (for once) and thank God for this incredible Labor Day off from work! In my opinion, we all need this extra day added onto our weekend. And we need it every single weekend. Here’s why.. Saturdays are typically our day to get done the dreaded errands. We straighten up the house, run out to various stores, and attend birthday parties that we really don’t want to go to. Before we know it, our Saturday is over and we’re already back in bed after totally exhausting ourselves. Then comes Sunday, the day that we use to prepare ourselves for the work week ahead. It’s often filled with meal prepping, laundry, and stressing out over heading back to the office the very next day. Does anyone else feel like they just can’t get a break?? That’s the beauty of three days weekends. You can get all the ugly work done and still have time to truly relax. It’s so rare that we get this extra day though and you might not even know how to use it. If that’s the case, here are 6 ways to get the ultimate relaxation on your day off.

1. Sleep in

If you’re anything like me, you love waking up early and being productive. But you have to realize that your body needs a break! Turn your alarm off and allow yourself to wake up naturally for once. You’ll feel refreshed, relaxed, and at peace. I am also no stranger to a good nap in the middle of the afternoon. But make sure you don’t sleep the day away. Too long of a nap can cause you to feel groggy and have a difficult time sleeping later that night.

2. Spend time outside

There’s no better medicine than spending some quiet time in nature! I love to sit out on my lanai and just listen to the water splash from the fountain in the lake across the street. You can choose to be active and take a nice walk or sit outdoors and soak in the beautiful rays of sunshine.  By the way, this is exactly what I’m doing right now ☺

3. Get lost in a book

Reading has the power to instantly change your mindset. I normally get focused on my personal development books but there’s nothing wrong with getting lost in a good story either. It’s a great way to escape the stresses of everyday life and it’s probably something you rarely have time to enjoy. Make the most of this extra time on your hands!!

4. Get comfy

Remember that this is YOUR DAY!! You do not have to leave the house if you don’t want to. You do not have to get dressed if you don’t want to! Feel free to lounge around in PJs or yoga pants all day. Don’t even worry about your hair and makeup. Feel comfortable in your own natural skin!

5. Pamper yourself

How often to you actually do something for yourself?? My guess is very rarely. Use this extra day to do something that makes you feel beautiful. Go get your nails done, slap on a mud mask, get a massage, soak in the tub, or get your hair cut. Whatever makes you feel like a million bucks, go out and do that!

6. Laugh!

Laughter has the power to instantly put you in a better mood. Call up a friend or spend some quality time with your spouse. Let loose and just have fun! Enjoy this time with them and laugh it up. Feel free to get totally goofy ☺

Life is too short to spend your days off vacuuming behind the couch. Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up with what we feel we should be doing that we forget to just enjoy life. The dishes can be cleaned later. The groceries can be bought later. Drop everything and enjoy this moment right now. You will never get this day back again so make the most out of it.

Tell me, how do you relax on your days off? Leave a comment below!


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