The Relationship Date Night Challenge


With our 5 year anniversary approaching this October, I’ve realized how easy it is to fall into a routine with your significant other. There’s nothing wrong with being comfortable and staying in every Friday night watching Netflix but every once in awhile it’s nice to mix things up. When Justin and I do something different together, we almost always learn something new about each other. We start talking about some goals that we have on our mind. And we also get totally goofy. Doing something different takes you out of your element. It’s exciting!! You may not think going to the zoo is very exciting but when you rarely go, it’s super fun plus you can act like a kid again. ☺

I’m going to challenge you with something Justin and I have done in the past but have fallen off the wagon with and need to come up with some new fresh ideas. Here’s what you need to do for the relationship date night challenge:

1. Grab 12 index cards and sit down with your honey one evening (this could be a date night in itself!). Come up with 12 date night ideas and write each down on an index card.

2. Take turns coming up with ideas. Have fun with it!! What haven’t you done in awhile? What have you never done together before? What parts of your city have you not yet explored? Where or what have you always wanted to go or do? What were some of your first dates together?

3. On the first of every month pick out an index card at random and plan to do that date sometime that month. Be sure to actually set a date and write it on your calendar so you stick to it. Don’t plan anything else during that time, that is special time for the two of you.

4. If for some reason, the date connot be done in the month you selected it (camping in the middle of summer in the Florida heat is never a good idea), simply schedule that one for a month that’s better and select another card for the current month.

5. Sometimes life gets hectic and things simply change. That’s what happened with Justin and I. He started to get real busy with school and the time just started slipping away from us. Sometimes you have to adjust your date nights to work for your schedule and budget. That’s totally fine as long as your doing something different at least once a month. If you are able to, feel free to do more than just one a month. All you have to do is make more index cards!

6. OK so there is one more step to all this and it’s the most important one. When you’re on your special date, you cannot bring outside drama into it. Don’t complain about work, friends, family, or chores you have to get done. Turn your phone off and focus on connecting with each other for once. If you don’t do this, you’re not really on a date with that person. This challenge is all about strengthening your relationship so this part is a must!

So let’s recap.. Every month you and your lover will plan a special date night doing something you rarely or never get to do. You’ll put it in your calendar and be totally focused on each other while on this date. You’ll do this for 12 months straight. Think you can do it?? Just be consistent and have fun with it! Be sure to comment below and let me know one unique date night idea you have written on your index card ☺


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