The Best Way To Get Over Self Doubt

We have all been there. We think we’re doing amazing one minute and the next we see someone else doing that same thing a million times better than us. How in the world are they so far ahead when it seems you’re doing the exact same things? 

I’ve struggled with this a lot over the last couple years as a fitness coach. I felt like I was putting so much work into my business and getting nowhere. I looked to the top coaches for inspiration but instead started comparing myself to them. That is the worst thing you could possibly do! 

Instead you need to work on yourself. If you’re feeling down, doubting yourself, and stressed you need to drop everything you’re doing and pick up a personal development book. Choose one that relates to what you are currently going through or an area you need to improve in. Don’t worry about all the other things on your to do list. Just get really focused on working on you!

When you’re working on yourself, do not pay attention to what other people are doing! Focus on what you have done in the past that has worked for YOU. Brainstorm new ideas that you’re passionate about. Get back to your true self and explore the possibilities for you.

We are all different for a reason. The world needs the unique thing that you have to offer. Don’t rob the world of that just because you want to follow exactly what someone else is doing. Make it a goal to work on yourself every day. I do 30 minutes of reading a personal development book in the morning but when I feel like I really need a boost, I clear my calendar and do extra. I read and read until I feel better about my situation.

I love books and have quite a collection started but all you really need are a few good ones. I always read a book twice in a row. I read the first time jotting down notes here and there of things that inspire me. Then I read it again and take notes the whole time and really soak in the information. Then I even go back later and reread them. As time goes on, your needs will change and you’ll get something completely different out of the same book.

You were born to do incredible things! If you don’t feel like your amazing self, you need to start getting in the right mindset. Pick up a personal development book and get lost in it!

Tell me, what is your favorite personal development book? Post it in the COMMENTS below!


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