Not all dark chocolate is healthy – Here’s the type you need to get!

Dark chocolate is often seen as the healthier chocolate option out there with the power to lower hypertension and improve blood flow. It helps reduce risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke and is also said to have a calming and relaxing effect. The benefits go on and on making dark chocolate a no brainer, however, not all dark chocolate is healthy. Read on for what to look out for and the healthiest options.
Stay away from.. 

Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate or something similar. You can find it at any store and it’s easy to choose this over the milk chocolate bar in the checkout aisle, thinking you’re making a healthy choice but beware! This one is only 60% cacao and has quite a bit of sugar.

What to look for

Look for at least 70% cacao or higher! The higher the cacao content, the more flavanols which also means more healthy benefits. The higher the cacao %, the lower the sugar % which is exactly what we want. 

Aside from the cacao percentage, you’ll also want to read over the ingredients. There could be hidden sources of gluten, corn syrup, artificial flavors, and more. Just stick with ingredients you know and can read and you should be good. 

The BEST chocolate for you

The absolute healthiest chocolate is unsweetened bakers chocolate which is 100% cacao. If you’ve ever tried this chocolate, you know it isn’t very present tasting. It’s way too bitter, even for me! So maybe you don’t want to go that intense. I recommend the Ghirardelli bars which range in cacao percentage but I really like the 85% Midnight Reverie. 

Where to buy

You can find healthy dark chocolate options at pretty much any store. I’ve seen a large selection at Walgreens and that’s where I always go. You just won’t typically find good dark chocolate in a 7-11 or gas station so make sure to pick some up before your road trip.

All it takes is a few extra minutes to read over the ingredients list to find a healthy dark chocolate option for you. They are out there! All it takes is making the decision to get dark chocolate over milk chocolate. Hint: if your dark chocolate is too bitter, eat it with some almond butter. This will take the edge off 😊


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