6 Activities to help you stay active this fall

Being from Pennsylvania, I have always loved fall. The smell of falling leaves, the beautiful colors, the crisp cool air, bonfires, hoodies, and my list could go on all day.. Now that I’m in Florida we don’t really get much of a fall. However, this past weekend it did cool off and we had gorgeous weather. It was so nice to spend a day outside with my hubby for once (he hates being out in the heat) and it got me thinking of how much time is wasted inside. Let’s make the most of this season! Here are 6 activities to get you outside and active this fall!
1. Visit state parks

You don’t even have to leave your town to be a tourist. My husband and I felt like doing something different this weekend so we decided to explore the Gamble Plantation which is only 10 minutes from us but we’ve never been there. We took a tour of the house and did a lot of walking around. The weather was gorgeous and it was so nice doing something different. Go on an adventure and visit some parks near you!

2. Play sports

This time last year I did something totally out of my comfort zone and joined a kickball team. It was just for fun and I don’t think we won a single game. But it was nice to be active on a Friday night instead of sitting on the couch watching Netflix. 

3. Walk, run, or jog

I just love being outside especially in the cooler weather. I’ll make up any excuse to get out of the house. My pup loves her extra walks on the weekends! And once a week I go for a run. Being outside is a great way to clear your mind. 

4. Roller skate

Roller skating it back and it’s such a great workout!! I’ve been seeing more and more people roller skating these days and even read an article on it in Women’s health recently on all the benefits. Plus it’ll get you feeling like a kid again 😊

5. Canoe or kayak

We love to kayak but the summers in Florida are a little too intense for us to be out in the heat for long. But fall is the perfect time of year to do it!

6. Bike

My mom recently visited and for the past year she had been so excited to take a long bike ride together because it’s “so easy” to do in Florida without all the hills. It never happened due to the hurricane but now I have the urge to rent a bike and spend a day in the park 😊

There are so many ways to get in a little exercise outside so take advantage of this beautiful fall weather! Tell me, how will you be active outside this season? 


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