Core De Force – The Before Launch REVIEW ! 

Core De Force is the brand new MMA style at-home fitness routine from Beachbody and I’ll tell you how this one is different and why you should get excited over it too. Here’s the biggest selling point for me..

It’s for everyone!!

So many of the DVD programs are geared toward women which is perfect for me because that’s who I talk to the most and they appeal to myself and my market. However, many of these women have a difficult time staying motivated to complete these fitness workouts even with an accountability group for support. Now I know my hubby will say this isn’t fair but could the men in these ladies lives be making it difficult for them to achieve their goals? I’ll stop there before I get myself into trouble..😊 Anyway, my point is that even the men are excited about this one. My hubby will be starting the  program with me and at least 5 other women I talked to said their husbands/boyfriends were interested too. This is HUGE!! This is something couples can actually do together without it being binge watching Netflix and eating pizza. Having a partner do it with you gives you the accountability you need to finish this program to the end!!

The trainers (Joel and Jericho) themselves are super down to earth and relatable too. I love the fact that they are a guy and girl duo which just strengthens the idea that this program can be done together. By he way, Jericho just recently had a baby. Seriously, anyone can do this!

Alright so let’s get down to what you can expect from this program..

Length of progam: 30 days, no super long commitment but the perfect length of time to see those results .

Time invested per workout: 30-40 minutes, easy to fit into your schedule!

Equipment: Just your body 😊

Layout : (in the sneak peek workout I have done) .. 6 rounds, 3 minutes each, with 2 high cardio “spikes” in each round.

Workouts: Mix of MMA moves, bodyweight training to help you sculpt and cardio

*Modifier included!

What I liked about the sneak peek workout 

* Fun! This is KEY to sticking with a workout program. When you have fun doing it, you’ll want to keep doing it every day.

* Simple moves- nothing complicated and they break down each move for you.

*Encouraging – they are real people like anyone doing the program at home. They root you on and make you feel like it’s a live workout.

*Time went by really quickly. The 3 minute rounds were tough but the way they were broken down made the workout fly by.

* I was sore (in a good way)!! I’ve been doing a ton of different types of workouts these days so I was surprised that in just one workout of Core De Force I was already feeling it.

*Great core workout. I love the fact that the focus is all in the core. It’s the area I need to tone up and I’m sure many ladies can agree with this!

How to get it

The CHALLENGE PACK launches 10/31/16

With a challenge pack you receive the full DVD set(4 workouts, nutrition guide, and workout calendar), a month of Shakeology (Daily health shake loaded with dense superfood nutriton) and 30 days of Beachbody On Demand which allows you to stream various workouts from any Internet source .

Price: $140 special plus free shipping through November.

Get it here

The BASE PROGRAM launches 11/1/16

Base program includes the full DVD set(4 workouts), nutrition guide, and workout calendar.

Price: $ 59.85

Get it here


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