Let me ask you a question. On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you REALLY in the life you’re living right now? I’ll tell you my story in a moment but first let’s back up about 5 years. I thought I was fairly happy but really, I was just comfortable with life. I was getting ready to marry an amazing guy, I didn’t have any care at all when it came to my health and nutrition, I was just graduating college and just really coasting through life. I didn’t have any huge goals or any desire to push myself. I was just kind of there, living a mediocre life.

The FIRST big change I made in my life was exercise. I started out with Zumba dancing in my living room because it was fun, I was burning a ton of calories, and I didn’t have to step foot in a gym. I lost a ton of weight and started feeling better about myself. After awhile, I decided to take my fitness a step further with Beachbody programs (P90x, PiYo, P90x3, Les Mills Combat, Insanity Max:30) and saw an even BIGGER transformation. I never in a million years thought someone like me (a busy, hard-working, food loving, exercise hater) would ever see the results that I have.

But it’s not just about the weight loss. My ENTIRE life changed! I’m motivated, energized, passionate, outgoing, positive, and even a business owner. I feel like my life finally has purpose and it all started with getting my butt in gear and shakin it in my living room. Seriously! Fitness has changed my life and now I’m devoted to helping you do the same. This is your OPPORTUNITY to make the simple decision to change your life forever.

How I can help you get there: My life revolves around experimentation. I’m constantly trying out various fitness programs to determine what will work best for different fitness levels. I’m still battling a food addiction but am learning ways to overcome it. I have plenty of tips and recipes to share with you! I love to cook, try new recipes, and come up with delicious concoctions that can be excellent alternatives to your favorite foods. Plus I’ll share with you my personal food diary every single week so you can see how imperfect I really am. Trust me, I’m no better than you and I still make mistakes!

Now let me ask you again. How happy are you really? Do you think it’s time to make a change?


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